Peter Piper Pizza

by Publishing Team on November 10, 2010

Peter Piper Pizza Job Description

Peter Piper Pizza’s chain of restaurants is known for their pizza that is freshly baked, side dishes, fresh salads, and most of all, their highly efficient and friendly employees. Given the chance to succeed in this industry, employees can become candidates for promotion as determined by the corporation. The company is known for their huge number of independent workers and a majority of them started their careers serving the famous pizza. Most of the skills their employees acquired were from the extensive training that Peter Piper Pizza gives their employees. The company focuses on making everyone’s customer skills top notch while teaching the employee what is expected of them when they are working their position.

Peter Piper Pizza Job Positions and Duties

  • Peter Piper Pizza Shift Manager Job Description

As a shift manager, he or she will be in charge of running the entire store while on the shift. Shift managers will be in charge of a team so they will need excellent organizational and managerial skills. They will make sure the team is following all food and safety procedures implemented by the company. They will need to handle customer complaints, be quick on their feet and able to spot a situation and correct it immediately, balance the cash drawers, make bank deposits, make sure all supplies are kept stocked, keeping the store clean at all times inside and outside.

Peter Piper Pizza Shift Manager Hourly Salary: $7.50

  • Peter Piper Pizza Team Member Job Description

As a team member their main job responsibility is taking orders and delivering the food. They will also handle handing out any party favors, seating people, collecting money and giving change back, cleaning up each area after the guests are done, stocking all supplies, handling questions about the menu, decorate tables if requested, take tickets for trading of the merchandise from the customer, and handling customer complaints. They will also count down their cash drawer at the end of the shift and make sure everything balances out.

Peter Piper Team Member Hourly Salary: $7.00

  • Peter Piper Pizza General Manager Job Description

A general manager is responsible for overseeing all the daily functions of a store. They will have a team under them that consists of team players and managers. They will make sure the store stays within the budget at all times. A general manager can hire and fire any of the team, will make strategies that will help the business grow, the clients will work with the general manager, and any presentations will be shown to all the executive staff of the company. They will need to be able to solve any problems that might arise accurately and quickly.

Peter Piper Pizza General Manager Salary: $50,000

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Peter Piper Pizza include being a field marketing coordinator whose main job responsibility is maintaining relationships with the local schools. They will make fundraisers that will be promoted with the schools, while exceeding the sale goals each quarter, they will stay within the budget at all times, and will have to have outstanding communication skills since they will always be doing the marketing for the company and the different locations.

Peter Piper Pizza Job Application Form Online

Peter Piper Pizza’s official website allows users to browse for different available career opportunities and job positions at all the different locations. The website link provides a comprehensive database for every available job position.

At applicants can easily apply for whatever job position they desire at any location. They will need to meet all qualifications before applying for the desired position.

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