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by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Pick Up Stix Job Description

If you want a different type of Asian Food with a tinge of American Flavor, then Pick Up Stix is the perfect destination for you. The founder of this restaurant Charlie Zhang climbed the success stairs by developing recipes from traditional Asian food but giving it an American look by adding vinegar, wine and soy sauce. The restaurant is famous for providing different cuisine in a unique open-style kitchen. The chain of this restaurant is spread across 90 locations in California. This restaurant is the best place for any employee to set his career on fire. Besides training, this restaurant gives a lot of other benefits to all its employees. Moreover the time schedule is very flexible here which makes this restaurant a sought after one for prospective employees.

Pick Up Stix Job Positions and Duties

  • Pick Up Stix Cashier Job Description

The cashier at Pick Up Stix will be the person whom the customers will encounter during their course of visit to the restaurant. The cashier will process the bill and take care of the payment. The cashier needs to have good knowledge on the operation of different cash register and electronic payment equipment. Moreover the cashier should also have all the knowledge about all the details of Pick Up Stix so that he or she is able to answer the questions of the customers. The cashier needs to keep herself updated with all the items in the menu and the respective prices. The cashier is the image holder of Pick Up Stix. Generally, female cashiers are preferred in comparison to their male counterparts.

Hourly salary of the cashier at Pick Up Stix : $9.50

  • Pick Up Stix Cook Job Description

The cook at Pick Up Stix needs to be a certified person who knows the proper art of cooking food. He himself should be healthy so that he can serve healthy food to the customers. A cook here has to plan the menu and do the pricing. At Pick Up Stix the items are prepared in a different manner combining different ingredients and providing a different flavor all together. Hence the cook here must know the art of fusing American, Asian and Chinese flavor together. Since the cook here has to work in the open style kitchen where the clients can watch their food being cooked, the cook has to remain extra careful while preparing the food.

The hourly salary of the Cook at Pick Up Stix: $13.01

  • Pick Up Stix Shift Manager Job Description

As the post itself demands, the Shift Mangers have to be good managers. They have to ensure that the restaurant is functioning properly in every shift and that there is no extra pressure on any employee. The shift managers must maintain a professional approach and behavior both with the clients and with other employees. Whenever the Manager is in his time of shift, he is responsible for the entire business of the restaurant. Especially those restaurants which are open till late in night require shift managers who can do their work efficiently during the night shift. The manager himself has to work efficiently and make other employees work efficiently.

Hourly salary of Shift Manager at Pick Up Stix: $21.35

  • Other Job opportunities

Pick Up Stix is always on the look out for great and efficient people who can work as counter assistant. The counter assistant takes the order and supplies the food the order of which has been placed in the counter. He is also responsible for packing take out food, which the customers will take home along with them. The salary of counter assistant varies according to the nature and schedule of work.

Pick Up Stix Job Application online

If you log on to this link http://www.pickupstix.com/about-careers.php , you will come across the job requirements of this restaurant and also will find different facilities which this restaurant provides to its employees. You can also fill your form online in this particular link.

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