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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Pizza Ranch Job Description

Pizza Ranch is generally recognized for its approach towards training its employees. Every employee goes through training at inception of the job and continuous training is carried out from time to time. All staff is required to be dedicated and hard working to make success out of the company. Prospective candidates are expected to have the capacity to work in teams, as that is how Pizza Ranch carries out all operations.

Pizza Ranch Job Positions and Duties

  • Pizza Ranch Manager Job Description

Pizza Ranch Manager is charged with overseeing the general affairs of the whole restaurant as well as see to the welfare of the customers too. The Manager must be able to work as necessary to guarantee customer satisfaction, which may include occasional late hours. Broadly speaking, he/she reviews inventory and requisitions and purchases food supplies as necessary; and may occasionally make direct special purchases for the restaurant. The Manager also allots and trains personnel and determines work schedules for all staff hired at Pizza Ranch. The Manager also interviews and hires employees; evaluates employees’ performance; resolves minor employee grievances, etc. A good knowledge of institutional or commercial food service management procedures and practices is highly required.

Pizza Ranch Manager Salary: $49,000

  • Pizza Ranch Baker Job Description

Pizza Ranch Baker’s job is the lifeline of the food chain. The employee is required to be able to bake and produce high quality pizzas at a very rapid pace. Very importantly, the Pizza Ranch Baker must be able to do short cooking service effectively as many people may place order from many destinations requiring specially made pizzas. The ability to use standard kitchen machines and utensils is very crucial as well as the ability to relate very cordially with other staff of the outlet.

Pizza Ranch Baker Salary: $35,700

  • Pizza Ranch Cashier Job Description

At Pizza Ranch, the Cashier is required to do many other tasks aside the traditional money recording task. The Cashier keeps register area neat and stocked with necessary supplies; assists in other areas of store, such as clean-up, shelf-stocking, or keeping merchandise displayed in an orderly manner, etc. Very good knowledge of basic arithmetic and in merchandise location or seating charts is also necessary. Skills in handling and counting cash and in communications with public are also required.

Pizza Ranch Cashier Hourly Salary: $10

  • Pizza Ranch Delivery Man Job Description

At Pizza Ranch, the Delivery Man’s job is very crucial and employing into that position is done with additional scrutiny. The Delivery Man is a representative of the company at the point of delivery; and as far as the customer is concerned his attitude generally speaks for the company. The Delivery Man may also sometimes take orders from customers and relate such to the kitchen staff. No pizza outlet can survive and do well without the services of a trustworthy and dependable Delivery Man. Fundamentally, the job of the Delivery Man is to load pizzas and other such foods into the truck or bike and deliver same to the person who made the order outside the dining area.

Pizza Ranch Delivery Man Hourly Salary: $10

  • Pizza Ranch Dishwasher Job Description

The Dishwasher, amongst other tasks, removes dishes and utensils; cleans and dusts tables and chairs; refills condiment containers, etc. He/she also assists in setting up and taking down tables and chairs in the mornings and closing hours; places clean utensils and cloth on tables. Mainly, the Dishwasher operates commercial dishwasher, wash all dishes, utensils, knives, containers, silverware, and glassware.

Pizza Ranch Dishwasher Hourly Salary: $8

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