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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Planet Hollywood Job Description

Planet Hollywood is widely known for its glamour and celebrity attendance, a great place to find work in the hospitality and restaurant business. Jobs are open for career based positions as well as hourly based positions. To succeed at Planet Hollywood, hard work and the ability to work in a fast paced environment is non-negotiable. Employees are rewarded according to the effort they put into the job. Pay is good and the bonuses are there too.

Planet Hollywood Job Positions and Duties

  • Planet Hollywood General Manager Job Description

The General Manager at Planet Hollywood is generally responsible for planning, developing, and implementing policies, procedures, and operational changes in the restaurant. Amongst other duties, the General Manager is responsible for determining staff and supervisory requirements while planning and coordinating training activities for all departments in the food chain. The General Manager sets standards, approves menus and menu patterns, and is also responsible for developing customer service programs to promote customer feedback at all times. For the General Manager to succeed, he must have the ability to develop ideas that will result in the creation of new methods, services, programs, processes; and knowledge of standard office equipment.

Planet Hollywood General Manager Salary: $56,000

  • Planet Hollywood Executive Chef Job Description

The Executive Chefs position at Planet Hollywood is basically administrative; however, he/she is saddled with other responsibilities. Some of which include cutting and trimming meats and poultry for cooking. The Executive Chef portions cooked foods, or gives instructions to workers as to size of portions and methods of garnishing. He/she also carves meats and oftentimes also employ, train, and discharge workers as required. The General Manager also supervises kitchen staff, plan menus, purchase foodstuffs, and sometimes prepare and cook foods.

Planet Hollywood Executive Chef Salary: $37,000

  • Planet Hollywood Line Cook Job Description

The Line Cook at Planet Hollywood instructs and supervises workers assisting in the preparation of food. He/she is generally assigned with the task of preparing a wide variety of meals as is described on the menu or as specially ordered. Ability to operate standard cooking equipment, and to use kitchen, and cooking utensils for large-scale food preparation is essential. Also, the Line Cook must understand and follow written and oral instructions concerning food preparation and service while being capable of coordinating and supervising the work of food service workers as well.

Planet Hollywood Line Cook Salary: $30,600

  • Planet Hollywood Host/Hostess Job Description

Planet Hollywood Host/Hostess more often than not ushers dining area customers and guests to their seats; guides new workers in work procedures, allots work areas; checks attendance and records workers’ resumption and departure time. The Host/Hostess may be needed to monitor and take part in setting tables, cleaning and polishing silverware, and cleaning and maintaining dining room equipment and premises. A good knowledge of the methods, materials, and practices of food service and some knowledge of health hazards in food service and the necessary precautionary measures are compulsory for this job position at Planet Hollywood. To come through, the worker must be able to operate and manage routine food serving operations; instruct, supervise, and coordinate the work of junior workers; and maintain good relationships with customers in general.

Planet Hollywood Host/Hostess Hourly Salary: $12

  • Planet Hollywood Dishwasher Job Description

The Dishwasher is expected to clean and sanitize work area and equipment, particularly in the kitchen and as regards silverware and glassware. He/she may also be required to clean all table surfaces with sanitizer and sweep or mop floors. The Dishwasher also washes and sanitizes slicing equipment after every use.

Planet Hollywood Dishwasher Hourly Salary: $9

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