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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Pollo Tropical Job Description

Pollo Tropical’s chain of restaurants is known for their grilled chicken, mojo pork, barbecue ribs in guava, and most of all, their highly efficient and friendly employees. Given the chance to succeed in this industry, most employees can become candidates for promotion as determined by the company. The company is known for their huge number of independent workers and many started out serving the famous grilled chicken. The training program will provide comprehensive customer service skills to employees.

Pollo Tropical Job Positions and Duties

  • Pollo Tropical Shift Manager Job Description

As a shift manager he or she will help in all daily operations of the restaurant. They will have outstanding customer skills, be able to handle a team of employees, build the team so they are the best at everything they do, handle customer complaints, be quick to solve all problems in a moments notice, count inventory and replenish the stock at all times. There will be paperwork to do at the end of the shift to balance the drawers against the sales. At all times the shift manager will enforce all company policies along with the company’s practices. They will report to the manager daily and let them know about any situations that transpired.

Pollo Tropical Shift Manager Hourly Salary: $8.00

  • Pollo Tropical Server Job Description

The main responsibility of a server is to take orders and serve the dishes to the customers. The server will give all orders to the kitchen so the cooks can prepare the dishes. They will collect the money from the customer and give them back the change, mop and sweep all floors, cleaning tables and chairs, clean windows and all countertops, wash kitchenware and equipment. They will also pick up litter from the outside of the building. The server will stock the kitchen with necessary supplies along with the salsa bar. Since this is a fast paced environment they will have to be quick while being careful of everyone around them.

Pollo Tropical Server Hourly Salary: $8.00

  • Pollo Tropical Cook Job Description

As a cook he or she will prepare food for the customers. They will understand how to use fryer, any food processors, gas grills that are open flamed, the ice machines, and the cooking vats. Make sure the kitchen is stocked with the necessary food and service materials at all time. As deliveries come to the restaurant the cook unload the items from the truck and put them away. Receive orders from the servers and prepare all food in a timely manner while following all sanitation and food safety procedures of the restaurant. Keep kitchen clean at all times so there are not any accidents.

Pollo Tropical Cook Hourly Salary: $9.25

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Pollo Tropical include being a General Manager. A General Manager will oversee the operations of the restaurant. They will order supplies, have a team under them, make sure all practices and policies of the company are being followed at all times, make staff schedules, do daily balances of cash flow, make bank deposits, handle customer complaints and solve them in a timely manner. They will build the team so they are quick but, top notch on their customer service skills

Pollo Tropical Job Application Form Online

Pollo Tropical’s official website allows users to browse job opportunities at the different locations. The website link at http://www.carrols.com/html/PolloCareerpath.htm provides a database for the different job positions.

At http://www.carrols.com/html/polloemployment.htm applicants can easily apply look and apply for whatever job position they desire as long as they are qualified for it.

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