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Quiznos Job Description

Quiznos is a fast food restaurant chain with headquarters in Denver Colorado. Quiznos specializes in offering customers their signature toasted subs although product presentation may vary according to the customer’s preference. Quiznos is the country’s second largest and fast growing submarine sandwich restaurant chain next to Subway. With approximately 4,000 shops located in United States alone, the company is constantly looking for qualified personnel to become part of their growing team.

Quiznos Job Positions and Duties

  • Quiznos Crew Member Job Description

Crew Members at Quiznos have the duties and responsibilities of preparing and ensuring that all equipment is in good condition before the start of their shifts. Crew Members are also delegated the task of taking the orders and serving the customers, keeping the cleanliness of the dining section in check, maintaining food safety standards in food preparation as well as in personal hygiene, and ensuring that their assigned workstation meets the company’s standards for cleanliness. Crew Members are expected to provide the highest standards of customer service excellence to ensure that customers will have the first rate dining experience at Quiznos.

Quiznos Crew Member Hourly Salary: $7.46

  • Quiznos Store Manager Job Description

Store Managers at Quiznos are expected to perform and implement overall store management. Included in their duties is to perform inventory and money control system. They also need to take charge of the staff and make sure that the food safety guidelines are followed along with the company’s standard in maintaining cleanliness. Store Managers must also direct the store’s safety and security. Other key responsibilities include recruitment and training of staff, promote sales and contact prospective customers while establishing local marketing programs. Store Managers also need to maintain the business records during their shift and must provide excellent customer service at all times.

Quiznos Store Manager Salary: $33,000

  • Quiznos Shift Manager Job Description

Quiznos Shift Managers are in charge of the overall operations during a shift to make sure that food handling and product preparation follows the company’s standard operating procedure. Also included in their duties is to implement food safety, maintain cleanliness and perform inventory control both on the supplies as well as the equipment owned by the store. Shift Managers must also be able to efficiently schedule every staff’s work shift to avoid confusion and ensure that the overall operation of the store will run smoothly. Shift managers may also train newly hired personnel and they also have to perform some of the basic responsibilities of on-duty managers.

Quiznos Shift Manager Hourly Salary: $9.00

  • Quiznos Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Managers for Quiznos has to report directly to the store owner or Store Manager while performing his or her basic duties of supervising the store’s daily operations to make sure that food safety, product handling and preparation as well as the company’s cleanliness standards are maintained. Basically, Assistant Managers need to perform all the job descriptions stated for Shift Managers but with extra responsibilities like recommending staff promotion, termination, or transfer. Assistant Manager can also conduct written or verbal evaluation with regards to the employees’ performance. Assistant Managers must also help in planning and implementing promotions and special events. They also need to coordinate and supervise the employees in order to maintain the standards of cleanliness as outlined in the store’s Operations Manual.

Quiznos Assistant Manager Hourly Salary: $10.43

  • Some Other Job Positions

Other job positions available at Quiznos include Marketing Managers, Sub – Clerk and Sub – Preparer (both hourly positions), Franchise Business Leader, and Project Manager among many others. As long as you have the right qualification and you possess the characteristics they are looking for effective Quiznos personnel, then you can surely find a job position here that can provide you a profitable income while having a rewarding experience with your work.

Quiznos Job Application Form Online

To browse for available job positions at Quiznos, you can visit their official website and go to http://www.quiznos.com/about_careers.html for various job vacancies you can qualify for.

For crew members position: http://www.quiznos.com/about_careers_3.html

For Corporate Regional Manager Position:

For Corporate Restaurant Manager Position:

To look for other corporate opportunities, you can visit:

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