RBC Bank (USA)

by Publishing Team on November 10, 2010

RBC Bank (USA) Job Descriptions

RBC Bank (USA) employees enjoy competitive benefits in a fast-paced workplace designed for continuous learning, creativity and growth. RBC Bank (USA) is looking for people that possess the creativity, vision and passion to take on today’s banking environment. RBC Bank (USA) is committed to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and strong leadership. The bank believes that differences mean opportunities. The multicultural talents, insights and personalities of its customers and employees help the bank grow and innovate. RBC Bank (USA)’s competitive compensation packages focus on paying for individual and organizational performance.

RBC Bank (USA) Job Positions and Duties

  • RBC Bank (USA) Human Resources Manager Job Description

The Human Resources Manager at RBC Bank is responsible for administering the Bank’s Human Resources Department and associated functions; new hire orientation and exit interviews, employee communications, benefits, training, maintaining employee files and records, employee counseling and supervisory assistance, employee payroll, etc. The position is also responsible for assisting executive officers in maintaining employee, public relations, and internal affairs of the Bank; ensures various administrative and internal activities or projects run smoothly and efficiently; provides leadership, support, and training throughout the organization as required; researches and writes various human resources-related policies, procedures and other related documentation or materials. The position of Human Resources Manager is expected to provide leadership, training and guidance to the staff members of the Human Resources Department.

RBC Bank (USA) Human Resources Manager Salary: $85,000

  • RBC Bank (USA) Internet Banking Manager Job Description

RBC Bank Internet Banking Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, enhancement and support of the Bank’s Internet banking products and services and website presence. He/she oversees the daily operations of all Internet Banking Department functions; takes ownership and ensures timely response and resolution of customer issues; maintains knowledge of internal resources to mitigate disruption of services to customers; communicates recurring or serious issues to Senior Management; recommends temporary work around and viable solutions to improve customer service and response.

RBC Bank (USA) Internet Banking Manager Salary: $79,000

  • RBC Bank (USA) Personal Banker Job Description

RBC Bank Personal Banker is responsible for performing intermediate duties and support related to branch operational activities and financial services; processes all new account transactions; assisting customers in their selection of various accounts and financial services; cross-selling the bank’s products and services; opening, maintaining and closing of all account types; performing branch clerical duties; promoting business for the Bank by maintaining good customer relations and referring customers to appropriate staff for new services.

RBC Bank (USA) Personal Banker Salary: $50,000

  • RBC Bank (USA) Project Manager Job Description

RBC Bank Project Manager is responsible for managing and overseeing the bank’s special projects and tasks under the direction of Senior Management; assists in performing various activities related to administrative, compliance, and internal affairs; ensures compliance with state and federal laws and regulations; analyzes verbal or statistical data for report preparation for use by bank management; and aids executive officers and other members of bank management by analyzing and coordinating office services such as personnel, budget preparation and control, records control, and special management studies.

RBC Bank (USA) Project Manager Salary: $50,000

  • RBC Bank (USA) Small Business Banker Job Description

Due to the size of facilities being greatly reduced, small business bankers often adhere to more lenient policies. Professionals are still regulated by the same legal regulations and have the same financial understandings, but facilities are often more relaxed and offer personalized service to customers.

RBC Bank (USA) Small Business Banker Salary: $45,000

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