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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Red Lobster Job Description

Pursuing a job at Red Lobster can well become a good career option for the future. Regardless of what job position you choose to start, Red Lobster provides an excellent training ground as well as the opportunity to learn and grow in the professional sense. Comprehensive training and career advancement is just among the reasons why a lot of people are pursuing a career from Red Lobster.

Red Lobster Job Positions and Duties

  • Red Lobster Restaurant Manager Job Description

As a Restaurant Manager at Red Lobster, you will generally be responsible for setting up and achieving the goals and sales objective set by the company while exercising all efforts to fully maximize one hundred percent guest satisfaction. Restaurant Managers at Red Lobster basically have the overall responsibility of running the operation of the restaurant which includes driving sales through top of the line marketing approach and excellent operation standards. Restaurant Managers are also responsible for controlling profit gain and loss through comprehensive marketing evaluation for the growth of the entire company. Restaurant Managers must implement comprehensive training programs to develop the managerial skills of other Managers.

Red Lobster Restaurant Manager Salary: $47,349

  • Red Lobster Service Manager Job Description

Service Managers at Red Lobster have to directly report and perform some of the basic obligations of the Restaurant Manager. Apart from improving the store’s profits by providing exceptional product quality and service, Service Managers are also tasked to train and develop the restaurant team. More often than not, they are also responsible for training and evaluating every employee below his or her positional level and take part directly in the hiring of new team members. Candidates for this position are required to possess strong leadership and communication skills and with the ability to make sound decision when the circumstances require it.

Red Lobster Service Manager Salary: $44,967

  • Red Lobster Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Managers at Red Lobster are tasked to give support and managerial assistance to almost all aspects of the store’s operation. Apart from ensuring customer satisfaction, Assistant Managers are also required to assist in training and motivating employees, recruit and interview possible applicants for employment, carry out sales projection and shift scheduling, proactive approach in inventory control and record keeping, manage regular equipment maintenance, and participate in the overall training of all employees based on the company’s operating standards and procedural guidelines. Arby’s provide aggressive compensation benefits even for lower management levels and this also serves as an excellent stepping stone for qualifying to higher managerial positions within the company.

Red Lobster Assistant Manager Salary: $44,100

  • Red Lobster Cashier Job Description

Red Lobster Cashier directly reports to the Restaurant Manager. Cashiers are expected to perform constantly the ten steps required for excellent customer service as implemented by the company and must promote and demonstrate teamwork. In addition to handling all cash transactions during their shift, Cashiers must also complete all the paperwork required by the company in reporting and balancing the daily sales and must strictly follow all the policies and procedural guidelines as implemented by the management team. Cashiers are not only responsible for operating all assigned equipment including the cash register or POS terminal, but they must also maintain every other equipment at his or her work station.

Red Lobster Cashier Hourly Salary: $7.60

  • Other Job Positions

Other job positions at Red Lobster include Bartender, Server, Host and Hostess, Line Cook, Busser, Fry Cook, and Waiter. Available opportunities for higher positions also include Culinary Managers and Staff Trainer. Regardless of the position, all applicants are required to have a comprehensive knowledge of excellent customer service and the skills to perform efficiently in a fast paced, customer oriented working environment.

Arby’s Job Application Form Online

There are several available career opportunities presented at Red Lobster’s official website. Various job positions including Management and Hourly Positions as well as College recruitment programs can be found at

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anonymous December 6, 2010 at 1:31 am

If you like being treated like a robot come work here! You’re just a number lost in the corporate calculator. They like to talk a good talk about caring for employees and career opportunities, but I have yet to observe any actions.


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