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Revlon Job Description

Founded during The Great Depression of 1932, Revlon is now one of the leading companies in the industry of cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care. Founded by brothers Joseph and Charles Revson and a chemist Charles Lachman, contributing the letter “L” in Revlon is a publicly traded company home of 6,800 employees.

Revlon Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Revlon Associate Product Manager Job Description

An Associate Product Manager ensures profitability of the company by monitoring sales, inventory turnover, gross margin and market share of the company. He or she must work closely with the suppliers to assure a proper and uninterrupted supply of products. He or she must be able to work with the sales department to gather data and predict market shifts.

Revlon Associate Product Manager Job Salary: $86,656

  • Revlon Logistics Coordinator Job Description

Logistics Coordinator oversees the unloading or loading of supplies in a warehouse. He or she is also supervises the packing of products purchased into the delivery machines and securing proper delivery of products to the client’s location. He or she makes sure that the product delivered safe and sound.

Revlon Logistics Coordinator Hourly Job Salary: $16/hour

  • Revlon Operator Intern Job Description

An Operator Intern is responsible in learning the operation of each machine in the manufacturing plant. He or she should also know the product manufacturing flow and task assignment of the employees in the plant. He or she should be capable of executing computerized machine operations. He or she should also ensure safety and quality of the operation.

Revlon Operator Intern Job Hourly Salary: $18/hour

  • Revlon Chemist Job Description

A Chemist is concerned in performing tests routinely and conducts standardized chemical examinations. He or she conducts qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis for quality and process control. He or she also uses these tests results to innovate and improve an existing product. He or she could create new ways of manufacturing specially cost efficient, and may also develop new products through researches. He or she may be specialized in some areas, but generally they evaluate chemical processes and materials for manufacturing.

Revlon Chemist Job Salary: $47,000

  • Revlon Business Analyst Job Description

A Business Analyst’s job entails of understanding business process management. He or she makes sure that the solution recommended for a particular dilemma is commercial yet competitive. He or she documents and analyzes the required information and data. He or she should also have rigid technical skills with business intelligence with deep understanding of customers’ needs so they can be used towards the company’s gains.

Revlon Business Analyst Job Salary: $93,000

  • Revlon Package Development Manager Job Description

A Packaging Development Manager is concerned in the outlook of the products’ packaging. He or she manages the packaging’s production costs and improves its design and signage. He or she should also consider new emerging technologies in packaging to reduce cost and improve quality. He or she is also responsible in looking for packaging designers to fully maximize the company products outlook increasing sales.

Revlon Package Development Manager Job Salary: $95,000

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