Ruby’s Diner

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Ruby’s Diner Job Description

This is a company with a long tradition of good food. The delivery of the juiciest and most interesting food flavors has been part and parcel of this restaurant chain for several decades now. Ruby’s diner was started in 1940 and has since then grown to become one of the best franchises in America. All the employees of Ruby’s diner are like family, and this is what the administration of this company wants to achieve. Ruby’s diner was created to achieve the mission of going above and beyond the expectations of the clients. All clients of this chain of restaurants have to be clean; free from drug use. There are other requirements for the specific jobs in Ruby’s Diner, listed below.

Ruby’s Diner Job Positions and Duties

  • Ruby’s Diner Cashier Job Description

The ruby’s diner cashier has the responsibility of handling payments, giving the right change and answering the questions that the clients may have at any one time. He or she is expected to have at least a high school diploma and a college degree. The cashier issues the receipts and is expected to have interpersonal skills. As the principal money-custodian in the average restaurant, the cashier has to have excellent organizational skills. Of course, you need to know your math well to give the right change. You need to have the experience of using the cash register and have some accounting skills, since you will need to account for all the cash that comes through your hands.

Ruby’s Diner cashier’s salary: $10 per hour

  • Ruby’s Diner Cook Job Description

The function of a cook is pretty simple, with the first requirement being the experience of working in a fast paced environment. All the foods in the Ruby’s Diner have to be prepared by experienced cooks. A cook has to plan all the menus. He or she is charged with the responsibility of pricing the items and making sure the cooking area is clean. He will determine if the food is well cooked with the most professional of practices. The head cook has to move with the flow and assign responsibilities to the other cooks when they want to beat time. He will also communicate with the management about the missing items in the kitchen.

Ruby’s Diner cook’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Ruby’s diner Shift Manager Job Description

Most diners are open more than 20 hours a day and need to be staffed all through the shifts. The work of the shift manager therefore is to ensure everybody is in their working stations at the right time. The manager plans the shifts, to ensure that all the workers are comfortable, that no one is working too many night shifts. The manager has to have a contingency plan in the event that one of the employees does not make it to work in time. He ensures that everybody receives the on-the-job training. he is the person who ensures that all the people are giving in maximum effort and are working as a team.

Ruby’s Diner shift manager’s salary: $8.25 to 10 per hour

  • Ruby’s diner Store Manager Job Description

He hires employees and is charged with the responsibility of making sure all of them are qualified and well trained. The manager will organize in house training for those who need to be trained. One has to have excellent communication skills, since this job requires one to encourage and help store employees to become team players. He has to make sure the store is well supplied and will handle the supply records. He will liaise with the head cook and the overall manager to get an overall idea of what needs to be supplied and how often. He has all the account records of the store and handles the inflow and outflow of cash.

Ruby’s Diner store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

This chain of restaurant needs more employees in management and some in service like waitresses and all these are well paying. One needs to have reasonable experience. The benefits of working in these other jobs depend on one’s skills and experience. One should expect to have a normal 8 hour shift per day in five days of the week. The 401(K) compensation plan has been implemented for all the employees and this comes with dental and medical insurance for all the dependants of the employees. Team building and fun outings are part of the working environment given by the management of this company as well.

Ruby’s Diner Job Application Form Online

Anyone interested in working for this company can make an application in the official website of the company. This link will provide more details about the application;

Incase you feel qualified and you want to apply for any job at this chain of diners, start with this page

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