Saltgrass Steak House

by Publishing Team on November 1, 2010

Saltgrass Steak House Job Description

This chain of restaurants has a history of more than 100 years. The saltgrass trail, known for creating some of the best beef was the trail the longhorn followed as they headed for the market. Texas has long been known for its large ranches and interesting steak culture. The aim of this chain of restaurants is to revive the legend of the saltgrass trail. By serving up some of the juiciest steak, chicken and other meats, this has been an attraction for decades. The meats are served with soups and desserts as well as greens and salads. High quality of meats and vegetables served with meat has revived the legend of the saltgrass trail.

Saltgrass Job Positions and Duties

  • Saltgrass Cashier Job Description

If you want to be a cashier at any of the Saltgrass steak house chains, you have to be ready to work in a very competitive and demanding work environment. Aside from the skills of cash processing, one needs to have the PR skills needed to talk and interact with customers. Along with these skills, one needs the experience of working in the same environment, which one will have to prove in the application for the cashier job. The cashier has to be presentable and neat to work in any of the Saltgrass steak house chains

Saltgrass steak house cashier’s salary: $12.6 per hour

  • Saltgrass steak house Cook Job Description

This is a job for those naturally inclined to preparing food. Of course, one needs to have adequate training to get this job. Aside from cooking the food, it is the work of the cook to prepare the food by washing, chopping shredding and skinning the food. The cook comes up with interesting recipes to help the restaurant chain entertain its customers and to keep ahead of the competition. The cooks supervise the serving of the food and give a hand whenever needed.

Saltgrass steak house cook’s salary: $13 per hour

  • Saltgrass Shift Manager Job Description

This person has to be comfortable working under pressure and has to have the experience to show for it. The shift manager has to make sure the restaurant is a beehive of activities to make sure the customers are comfortable and happy with the service being given by the employees. The shift manager will listen to the complaints of customers and make sure they are addressed. Generally, the shift manager will work to make sure there are no complaints from the customers. by making sure employees give a lot of effort to their work, the shift manager reduces the chances of there being a complaint from the customers.

Saltgrass steak house shift manager’s salary: $13 to 16 per hour

  • Saltgrass Store Manager Job Description

The store manager ensures that supplies are kept up. The external suppliers communicate with the store manager when they want to supply the restaurant with new items. It is the work of the store manager to ensure that the expenditure does not exceed the profits of the restaurant. He does this by making sure he is supplied with the right quantity of items in the right quality. He will shop around for new suppliers if the old ones are not good enough. He has to keep to the allocated budget and liaise with the administration if he thinks adjustments need to be kept up.

Saltgrass steak house store manager’s salary: $15 to $16 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Corporate positions are always on offer in the chain of restaurants. Incase you want to get a job at a specific restaurant; you have to look it up online first. If you do not mind working in any of these restaurants, there are many management and corporate as well as crew jobs to choose from. The advantage of working in this chain of restaurants is that you are likely to get promoted into management after service as a crew member. This brand employs qualified trusted employees who have the experience of working in the same working environment

Saltgrass Steak House Job Application Form Online

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