Sandia National Laboratories

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Sandia National Laboratories Job Description

Established in 1948, Sandia National Laboratories is a research institution that mainly research, engineer and test non nuclear components of nuclear weapons. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sandia has an annual budget of $2.4 billion for research. Its main mission is to maintain reliability and accuracy of nuclear weapon systems, conduct research and development in arms control, and develop ways of nuclear waste disposal. Sandia is also the home of the largest X-ray generator called Z machine, designed to run even on the harshest environment to aid in the development of nuclear weaponry modeling.

Sandia Job Positions and Duties

  • Sandia Postdoctoral Appointee Job Description

Post Doctoral Appointee position requires a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mechanics Engineering, since he or she will be working on with fields of continuum plasticity and failure modeling. One should also possess a strong experience in computational constitutive model development. He or she will then implement these models into the laboratory codes for high performance simulations and testing.

Sandia Postdoctoral Appointee Job Salary: $76,046

  • Sandia Database Developer Job Description

Database Developer needs a good skills in computer language, thus to be a database developer, one should be a Bachelor in Computer Sciences degree holder. One should also have a good knowledge in a variety of databases like Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and programming SQL, Java and Visual Basic. As a database developer, he or she maintains the security and integrity of data stored and processed in the database.

Sandia Database Developer Job Salary: $71,000

  • Sandia Senior Attorney Job Description

Senior Attorney is responsible in the security and protection of legal rights and obligations. He or she will be also responsible in the protection of copyright and patency infringements. He or she also interprets and analyzes laws, regulations and rulings with probable case outcomes of the laboratory.

Sandia Senior Attorney Job Salary: $172,000

  • Sandia Limited Term Technical Staff Job Description

Technical Staff’s responsibilities require a good information processing skills, any bachelor’s degree relating to Information Technology is highly acceptable to a technical staff. As a technical Staff he or she will be responsible in installing and upgrading software in the laboratory. He or she improves the laboratory’s operating system and infrastructure. He or she also does a routine check-up and maintenance of computer systems, thus HTML language knowledge is also an edge.

Sandia Limited Term Technical Staff Job Salary: $101,300

  • Sandia Student Intern Job Description

To be considered as an Intern, one should be currently enrolled either in a private or public University of Institution with no grade less than 2.0, and should be taking up a program related to the position he or she is trying to apply. Intern’s job varies depending on the office he or she is assigned to. Generally, he or she is required to do office works like photocopying, filling of paper works, monitoring of employee attendance. He or she may also serve as an assistant to an administrative officer.

Sandia Student Intern Job Hourly Salary: $21/hour

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