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Established: 1956
Employees: 5,500
HQ: Melville, Huntington, New York
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Sbarro Job Description

Sbarro Restaurants are an exciting place to eat and an exciting place to work. Their rich Italian history and ancestry enable them to offer their diners a unique dining experience with customer service that is top notch. Sbarro look for staff that are looking for a job that is rewarding and will allow them to grow and develop their own personal skills. Working for one of the fasting growing Italian Restaurants in the country has its own rewards and the benefits that they provide their staff allow them to work comfortably in their job positions.

Sbarro Job Positions and Duties

  • Sbarro Server Job Description

As a Sbarro server you will be responsible for looking after the diners needs whilst they are eating in the restaurant. You are responsible for taking their order and then when their order is ready serving it. Hygiene is paramount so you need to ensure that all of your tables have been cleaned to the high standard that Sbarro expects of their servers. On occasion you will be very busy so being able to handle the pressure is important, as well as maintaining your friendly and calm approach to the customer regardless what is going on around you.

Sbarro Server Hourly Salary: $8.43

  • Sbarro General Manager Job Description

Running a Sbarro restaurant requires the skills of someone that has had at least 2 to 3 years previous managerial experience. Working under pressure and having a hunger to succeed are important qualities in a manager and Sbarro recognizes this. Training is available to help you enhance your managerial skills so that you can progress within the company. You will be responsible for the running of the entire restaurant both back and front of house. You will be expected to work closely with all of the supervisors and staff so that you can encourage them to increase the revenue that the business brings in currently.

Sbarro General Manager Yearly Salary: $43,000

  • Sbarro Crew Front of House Job Description

As part of the front of house crew you will be responsible for ensuring that the customer is happy and enjoying their dining experience. Keeping a keen eye on the high standards that are expected so that none of them slip is important. Working as a team means that you not only look out for yourself but that you also look out for your fellow colleagues, individually you are strong but together you are even stronger. Being able to work with a wide range of people and also being able to communicate correctly between you is exceptionally important when working Sbarro Front of House.

Sbarro Hourly Salary: $8.00

  • Sbarro Crew Back Of House Job Description

Even though working back of house means that you are not seen by the customer it is important to always look your best and wear the correct uniform. Standards for the Sbarro Crew Back of House are high and expectations are set a cut above the rest. The quality of the food produced needs to be of an exceptional standard and not only needs to taste amazing but it need to look good too. What you allow to go out to the customer sets the tone for their dining experience. Your duties can be various depending on the positions available but no matter what position you choose you will be given training so that you are able to operate and produce results that will define your career for the future.

Sbarro Back of House Hourly Salary: $7.95

Sbarro Application Form Online

The online application form can be found using Sbarro’s official website , it allows you to choose the job you are interested in, then choose the area you are interested in which then leads to your online application form;

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