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by Publishing Team on January 21, 2011

SC Kiosks Job Description

With RadioShack as one of its competitors in the field of business, SC Kiosks Incorporated is a privately traded company at par with Cellular Telephones Equipments and Supplies Industries. Operating for just five (5) years, this company already holds annual revenue of up to $2.5 million and hires a staff of 5 to 9 per location.

SC Kiosks Job Positions and Descriptions

  • SC Kiosks Retail Sales Associate Job Description

A Retail Sales Associate is responsible in selling the products to the customers and meeting each customer’s needs by offering the best possible recommendation of the products. He or she interacts with the customers in the store to build customer confidence. He or she must be a problem solver solving the customer’s queries accurately and diplomatically. He or she also maintains housekeeping and visual appeal of the store. He or she also, at idle times, could also aide in the paper works that are to be reported in relation to the sales of the store by opening and closing.

SC Kiosks Retail Sales Associate Job Salary: $23,000

  • SC Kiosks Store Manager Job Description

A Store Manager at SC Kiosk is responsible in overall activities in the store at a daily basis. He or she manages the product inventory, products to be displayed and the sales person assigned. He manages the sales records of the store and submits it to the administration for report purposes. A Retail Store manager also coordinates with the manager of advertising to prepare advertising policies and plans that will generate leads for new customers of the store and the company as a whole.

SC Kiosks Store Manager Job Salary: $26,000

  • SC Kiosks Cell phone Retail Sales Job Description

A Cell Phone salesperson is assign to interact actively with the customers coming in and out of the store. He or she is tasked to provide the customers with necessary information for the customers to select and purchase an item in an educated manner. He or she should have a wide knowledge about cell phones and accessories. He or she should be credible enough to speak technically about cell phones. He or she must be able to trouble shoot any customer problems about his or her unit. He or she as a salesperson should also meet with the quota set by the company. And as an employee of the store, he or she could also record or document customer conversations to maintain quality assurance policy of the company.

SC Kiosks Cell phone Retail Sales Job Hourly Salary: $8/hour

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