Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery

by Publishing Team on November 1, 2010

Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery Job Description

This was a restaurant that was started to preserve family traditions. It was one of the first restaurants in America to operate 24 hours and got its name from the founder, whose nickname was Shari. There was a positive reaction to the 24 hour service and this lead to more and more restaurants of the same name. It is currently one of the largest chain of private restaurants and likely to remain so for a long time. With a recipe consisting of home-made pies and platter style breakfast options for customers, it is worth every cent spent on it. Kids have a special menu involving lots of sweets and healthier options like veggies, salads and strawberry and vanilla shakes.

Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery Job Positions and Duties

  • Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery Cashier Job Description

The cashier in Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery makes sure customers are aware of the means through which to make their payments. While some may be comfortable paying in cash, some may be comfortable paying using plastic money. It is the work of the cashier to ensure that the payments have been done effectively and in time. The payments made to the restaurant; especially using cards have to be very accurate so the cashier needs to have a keen eye. He needs to look at the authenticity of a card and be certain that the cash has been credited to the account.

Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery cashier’s salary: $11.9 to $12.5 per hour

  • Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery Cook Job Description

Pies and other confectioneries have been on the menu of this chain for a long time. This means that a person needs to have the skills in baking and preparing these food items. Restaurant menu items need to be prepared too, and the cook needs to have these skills too. The cook needs to be a good time manager and provide an accurate breakdown of the needed items to the management. Customers always want to partake of freshly cooked foods, and the cooks need to be aware of that. the cooks need to be presentable and professional when dealing directly with the consumers.

Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery cook’s salary: $13.7 per hour

  • Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery Shift Manager Job Description

He makes sure all ends meet, and makes sure everyone has enough work. The shift manager ensures that no one is over worked or underworked. In the latter case, he will assign more responsibilities and in the former case he will hire more workers. When looking for more employees, the shift manager ensures that all are professionals with experience and who can be relied upon to perform their work well. The shift manager has to be comfortable under pressure and be good at delegating duties.

Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery shift manager’s salary: $14 to $15 per hour

  • Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery Store Manager Job Description

Store management is challenging; so if you feel you can face the challenge, this may be the job for you. The work of the store manager is to make sure all the needed ingredients and tools are never missing. He will forward requests to the management if they are for the betterment of the services of the restaurants. He ensures the stores are well secured and the people working the next shift have an easy time. The store manager will supervise all the work of the store clerks to see to it that their records are accurate.

Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery store manager’s salary: $13 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Positions in management and crew are offered to all who have displayed the skills and have the experience of working in busy restaurants. Make the application for a position in restaurant management and other ports such as public relation management.

Shari’s Restaurant & Pie Bakery Job Application Form Online

If you are looking for employment in management or crew in one of the restaurants this is the address to mail your CV [email protected]. An alternative is this address;

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