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by Publishing Team on November 19, 2010

Shearman & Sterling Job Description

The Shearman & Sterling law firm was established by Thomas Shearman and John Sterling. As partners, they played a vital role in developing the business with good reputation and credits. The firm offers legal practices and services to clients all over the world. It has maintained a strong relationship with popular organizations and financial companies on the Wall Street. The Shearman & Sterling firm specializes in providing counseling services for many companies like the combination of Société Générale with Crédit Agricole’s, acquisition of Clearing Corporation by Intercontinental Exchange and formation of a credit default swap clearinghouse, and others.

Shearman & Sterling Job Positions and Duties

  • Shearman & Sterling Network Administrator Job Description

The network administrator of Shearman & Sterling firm’s job responsibilities consists of administering video systems to develop the firm, to improve the performance, and solve various client issues, tracking invoices, attending calls, and in troubleshooting the PBX and IPT issues, installing the software updates, and check for daily reports of PBX and IPT system applications. Some of the essential skills that the candidate must posses are audio and video conferencing systems, Cisco LAN and WAN and call manager. The candidate must also be capable of administering and supporting the New York offices. The network administrator should assist in implementing and planning strategies for future work, documentation of the voice systems, and other network connections. He/she should also conduct various testing and recovery plans to observe faults, minimize the errors, and maintain the backup systems.

Shearman & Sterling Network Administrator Yearly Salary: $72,000

  • Shearman & Sterling Diversity Assistant (part time) Job Description

The diversity assistant of Shearman & Sterling must posses working knowledge and experience in business and corporate institutions that are related to a law firm. The candidate should be capable of supporting the department, working in MS related projects, monitor the daily reports using web data’s. He must do research on internet, maintain files and documents, and prepare daily reports on the web. The individual must posses good administrative and communication skills should be exposed to photoshop and Wiggie. He/she should be able to work on multiple tasks. As this is a part time job, the candidate must work for 15 hours a week.

Shearman & Sterling Diversity Assistant (part time) Yearly Salary: $43,000

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Shearman & Sterling’s include being an administrative assistant II whose main job responsibility is to assist the principal and proceed with an effective and smooth work towards accounting and financial tasks. The candidate must posses a graduation from high school with four years experience in administration field. He/she should have excellent command over English with good communication, writing, and computer skills, knowledge about software applications, office equipments, etc.

Shearman & Sterling Job Application Form Online

Shearman & Sterling’s official website allows users to browse for different job positions at different locations.

The website link provides a comprehensive database for every available job position where applicants can apply for the job position that they are qualified for.

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