Sheplers Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 14, 2011

Sheplers Inc. Job Description

Sheplers Inc. is a privately classified company categorized under Western clothing and can be found in Wichita, KS. Sheplers Inc. has become the world’s principal supplier of clothes and accessories for the country/western standard of living including time-honored cowboy wear, stylish western wear, and country inspired laid-back wear and bona fide work gear. Shepler’s Inc. is extensively known for its wonderful customer service and just recently, Sheplers was ranked one of the top ten of all the catalogs in terms of customer satisfaction in the US. Sheplers was built in 1899 and still going strong.

Sheplers Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assistant Store Manager

Assistant Store Manager vigorously and passionately helps and strengthens the store manager to guarantee the store meets its missions and principles. This includes sales output, customer service, visual merchandising, sales processes, personnel training and improvement, and keeping the overall appearance of the store. Assistant Store Manager is fully responsible for the operation to save without the store owner. Assistant Store Manager is expected to examine and facilitate the sales skills that lead to high sales productivity; and customer Satisfaction, Financial Targets, Operational responsibility for Visual Merchandising, Cleaning / Maintenance, Loss Prevention, Administrative documents, Development of training and supervision of staff and other various tasks.

Assistant Store Manager Salary: $45,000.00

  • Digital Merchandiser

Digital merchandiser is primarily responsible for managing web content, social media market, and company’s website. Essential functions include content management, answering all e-mail content, management of weekly prices, pictures and content. Digital Merchandiser must keep the stories and new product arrivals weekly. He or she must provide a calendar year for new entrants, stories, and promotions as well as keeping the product showcase to develop all the available content when necessary. Digital merchandiser must keep e-mails and content of the exhibition in a timely manner. He or she must do Customer Reviews, answer questions about the product issues, and answer all customer questions. Digital Merchandiser must extract marketing earnings estimates and identify problems before being called upon by superiors and must be able to collaborate with the copy writer. He or she should utilize reviews to improve current understanding of products and be able to provide review information to catalog and stores. Digital merchandiser also works with paid marketing to add product reviews to Google advertising. Digital merchandiser offers product to good customers for photos and testimonials and explore competitor reviews for relevant information; preserve Facebook and Twitter postings. Handle postings related to vendor or product you manage. Preserve contest information. Preserve photos and content from Facebook we can use for web. Provide customer service with the information they can use to supply customers. Work with vendors to deliver site content and Facebook content with video created either in-house or by the vendor and coordinate personalities for web and Facebook. Preserve company blogs. Keep mobile applications. Has strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Photoshop. Has excellent communication and organizational skills. Has systematic knowledge of E-commerce systems.

Digital Merchandiser Salary: $50,000.00

Sheplers Inc. Job Application Form Online

Visit company homepage or mail your resume to Sheplers Inc.’s main office.

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