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Shop PBS Job Description

Shop PBS is America’s principal community media enterprise. Shop PBS has more than 360 member locations that offer the entire Americans the chance to discover fresh ideas and innovative worlds. These become possible by means of small screen or TV and online sources. It also offers learning services to people.

Shop PBS Duties and Responsibilities

  • Technical Support Specialist

The Technical Support Specialist should have experience with least amount of supervision, apply skills, abilities and gained understanding to independently resolution a wide range of customer support issues; in a judicious manner, properly lift issues to the Senior Director or other suitable party; give punctual answers to PBS member stations’ needs for support via emails, phone calls and other electronic communications; sustain entry level system management, arrange users and arrange file systems; make use of windows support tools to identify and fix system issues; evaluate and unravel other user problems and issues; offer guidance and assistance to aid Member Stations apply their NRT computer hardware and software products; recognize and approved or inform stations personnel how to resolve technical issues with the NRT system; and carry out other duties as assigned.

Technical Support Specialist Salary: $50,000.00

  • Network Engineer

The Network Engineer Oversee and support system, pattern, troubleshooting, and safeguarding of computer based hardware, software, and other transmit equipment; direct brand new hardware and software necessary for networks;
Must know how to arrange and sustain network equipment, servers and server groups; prepare and support network and figure infrastructure; handle every system back-up and re-establish protocols; file network problems and resolution for upcoming reference; supervise system performance and apply performance alteration; administer software and network protection; recognizes, establishes, and resolves network problems; and make and preserve complete documentation for all applied networks.

Network Engineer Salary: $70,000.00

  • Executive Coordinator

The Executive Coordinator must know how to handle SVP’s calendar including organizing variable meeting schedules and proactively declining scheduling clashes; organize travel logistics as well as transportation, hotel lodgings, seminar registration, etc; organize conference activities plus reserving conference accommodations and hotel spots, creating catering and AV arrangements, managing schedules, setting up meeting supplies, etc; handle SVP’s paper records and extend new filing systems as needed; monitor, handle and deal out inward calls, mail and other inquiries directed to SVP; supervise the periodical award program by seeking suggestions, running the financial plan, finishing pertinent forms, setting up the declaration and producing proposals to the SVP; diagram logistics for employees retreats and special occasions; and take part in the formation and completion of overall tactical goals.

Executive Coordinator Salary: $50,000.00

  • Chief Content Officer

The Chief Content Officer elucidate the encoding essentials required to successfully serve the organization’s present viewers; recognize vicinities where PBS can innovate in order to draw and increase new viewers, with a precise focus on content portioning; support the expansion of new artistic talent; and keep an eye on the payout of the programming finances across constant investments with producing member stations, existing external producers and new production associates.

Chief Content Officer Salary: $100,000.00

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