by Publishing Team on January 7, 2011 LLC Job Description LLC have been in business for more than 10 years and are titled one of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Companies. LLC has more than a million products for customers to select from, which makes the company the chosen online superstore. LLC objective is to distribute all customer orders that are in stock within 24 hours. LLC initially opened in 1998 as The Grill Store & More in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and in 2004; they changed its name to LLC. With their dedication to customer service and product knowledge, the company rapidly became one of the principal websites of outdoor cuisine products. LLC Duties and Responsibilities

  • Product Merchandising Specialist

The Project Merchandising Specialist will be assigned to discover about and assist with search engine optimization (SEO) as it pertains to the products it sells; affix products to our sites for deal directly to the customer; perform strategic provider projects, marketing projects and assignments; make sole product titles, images and website content in reliable writing style; explore marketing trends; help with competitive breakdown; sell categories and products across every websites; explore and evaluate the presentation of categories and promotions; hear about and assist with the selling process including seller negotiations; study all aspects of working in a fast-paced setting; and work directly with the Category Manager and Marketing Director to guarantee value power.

Product Merchandising Specialist Salary: $50,000.00

  • SEO/Content/Data Specialist

The SEO/Content/Data Specialist will be assigned for keeping posted titles, descriptions, and keywords on pages all over the sites; updating merchandise information and content to mirror SEO rules and preserve human readability; produce content for the website to get better SEO rankings; progress the information on the sites to offer a superior customer experience; be able to talk and write down in understandable, to the point, grammatically accurate sentences; hold exceptional communication skills and is a helpful team player; be able to run numerous assignments and meet scheduled due dates; take pleasure in providing improvement, key changes, and spotting “problem areas” prior to becoming problems; yearning to continue one step in front of the competition; and take pleasure in learning and craving to perk up knowledge of current SEO practices to develop and propose new SEO strategies.

SEO/Content/Data Specialist Salary: $35,000.00

  • Warehouse Clerk

The Warehouse Clerk will take delivery of and calculate stock items, and proof data using a computer; confirm list computations by comparing them to substantial counts of stock, and look into discrepancies or regulate errors; stock up items in an arranged and easy to get to manner in stockrooms; mark stock items by means of naming tags, stamps, electric marking tools, or other classification tools; continue records on the use and or damage of stock or stock usage equipment; scan and check stock items for wear or defects, reporting any damage to supervisors; give help or direction to other team members; inform retail customers or internal users on the aptness of parts, supplies, or materials requested; and organize products, supplies, equipment, or other items for use by adjusting, repairing or assembling them as needed.

Warehouse Clerk Salary: $25,000.00 LLC Job Application Form Online

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