Simmons Bedding

by Publishing Team on January 17, 2011

Simmons Bedding Job Description

One-third of our day is spent on sleeping, and Simmons Bedding offers a wide range of mattress comfortable styles. Around for about one and a quarter of a century, this bed-making company is hailed as one of the oldest companies in the United States. With its flagship product Beautyrest, the company released a public conference stating its annual sales last 2005 of a whooping sale of $850 million.

Simmons Bedding Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Simmons Bedding Retail Account Manager Job Description

Possessing with a good verbal communication skills, a Retail Account Manager should be able to motivate the store team to generate and hit an particular sales since he or she is most concerned of the productivity level of his or her team. He or she is the one tracking the cash flow of the store, budget and sales.

Simmons Bedding Retail Account Manager Job Salary: $59,000

  • Simmons Bedding Sales Representative Job Description

As a Sales Representative, when assigned in a store, one should ensure the customer’s utmost feeling of gratitude and comfort. He or she should ensure the quality assistance is received by the customer. He or she should be courteous at all times, and should be well prepared in assisting the customers. He or she should have good product knowledge since he or she will be the forefront person of the store facing the customers. When assigned in the field, a Sales Representative usually travels regions or areas to close deals for product order and delivery. he or she makes sure that the prospective customer understands the benefits of the product the company is offering in order to close the deal just right.

Simmons Bedding Sales Representative Job Salary: $39,000

  • Simmons Bedding Laboratory Technician Job Description

A laboratory Technician at Simmons Bedding Corporation, works closely in a laboratory to study the raw materials for the manufacturing process. He or she analyzes samples, studies its intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics in order to produce an innovative product of improve an existing product. He or she makes sure that the materials used are rigidly studied and brings an excellent finish product.

Simmons Bedding Laboratory Technician Job Salary: $47,000

  • Simmons Bedding Manufacturing Engineer Job Description

A Manufacture Engineer is responsible for the documentation of the manufacturing operations. He or she evaluates and improves the manufacturing environment by implementing techniques and procedures. He or she also analyzes the continuous flow of activity in the manufacturing plant. He or she ensures the materials for the manufacturing will not be excessive to store or too less to interrupt the activity. He or she estimates and studies the supplies of raw materials to be used for a quality manufacturing process. He or she could also design manufacturing processes in order to improve quality while minimizing cost.

Simmons Bedding Manufacturing Engineer Job Salary: $49, 000

    Simmons Bedding Senior Logistics Engineer Job Description

A Senior Logistics Engineer is the one publishing technical specifications, analyze logistics, technical training of the employees and supply support. He or she is responsible in developing executing and leading integrated logistics support processes, analysis, and architectural efforts like the application of logistics principles in developing new solutions to solve complex logistics requirements. He or she also promote the linking of other engineering works like design, materials testing, reliability, testability and safety to produce combined logistics support for engineering solutions.

Simmons Bedding Senior Logistics Engineer Job Salary: $90,000

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