Skechers USA Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 5, 2011

Skechers USA Inc. Job Description

SKECHERS USA, Inc. is a respected international boss in the means of footwear business, designs, develops and sells lifestyle footwear that appeal to trend-devotee men, women and kids. A billion-dollar-plus corporation, SKECHERS’ victory stems from its human resources, first-class diverse product contribution, branched out local and global division channels, and forward-looking print and television promoting. Skechers USA Inc. is located in Manhattan Beach, California.

Skechers USA Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Retail Assistant Manager

The Retail Assistant Manager put on the market numerous products to customers, meet, welcomes and serves customers; entrusts and oversees responsibilities directed by store manager, to hourly staffs; entrusts responsibilities to other hourly staffs to make certain the store is well again for the subsequent day’s business; stores shelves, counters, or tables with products; sets up promotional displays or organizes products on counters or tables to endorse sales; tramples, marks, or tags price on products; gets products requested by customer or receives products preferred by customer; responds to customer’s questions with reference to products; sums cost and tax on products obtained by customer to settle on bill; receives payment and makes change; wraps or packs products for customers; sanitizes shelves, counters, tables and general store; eliminates and records sum of cash in inventory at closing stages of shift; computes sales price cut to conclude price; maintains record of sales, and puts in order inventory of stock; discuss with management to guarantee that banking deposits are finished day after day; opens and closes store regularly; ensures that the store is protected at closing; and key Owner for reason of opening and closing tasks.

Retail Assistant Manager Salary: $20,000.00

  • Store Manager

The Store Manager will be assigned to vend product and product information; runs daily store businesses by ensuring all company rules and measures are pursued. And that store income and sales goals as well as business operating cost are controlled or met, as valid; keep correct inventory controls, help inventory matter; fills open job positions by recruiting and employing new staffs; makes sure sufficient staffing at all times, by properly setting up staff based on industry movement and creating any essential regular modifications, within income end or fund; develops every single staff by training them; accountable for assigned Store beyond Comp Sales and Sales Plan by instructing and training staffs to center on amplified manifold duo selling in each several site; guarantee store’s image values are met at all times by ensuring the right mix and right profundity in key SKU’s and by classifying store’s needs by using and analyzing retailer sales reports and or varying sales floor layouts and creating proposals to DM; finds original and stirring ways to draw customers by appraising ad sign packages and making proposals to DM; and other duties as needed to preserve store’s every day operations and selling.

Store Manager Salary: $40.000.00

Skechers USA Inc. Job Application Form Online

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