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Skyline Chili
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Established: 1949
Employees: 5,000
HQ: Fairfield, Ohio
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Skyline Chili Job Description

Skyline chili info was founded in 1949 by a Greek immigrant Nicholas Lambrinides. This is a chain of chili restaurant located in Cincinnati and Ohio. This also sponsors an annual men’s college basketball competition between the two teams known as NCAA Division I teams, Cincinnati and Xavier. As the business of this group is grooming day by day, here you can get a great opportunity for a better career. The highly efficient target oriented and customer-friendly professionals employed chili group have contributed significantly in the success of the group

Skyline Chili Job Position and Duties

  • Skyline Chili Cook Job Description

The main responsibility of a cook is to check out the daily food preparation. He also turns and stirs foods to make the cooking style perfect. As an experienced person, a cook is free to give his personal judgement over different recipes. A cook is always responsible for arranging the menu sheet according to the season. It is the responsibility of a cook to make customers satisfied by serving good quality foods. Inside the restaurant kitchen, he is the king and free to use every utensil and other equipment. A cook must have the quality of a team leader as he has to lead the restaurant food arrangement team. A Skyline Chili cook gets more facility than others. He enjoys competitive wages, fun and update atmosphere, flexible schedules and other advancement opportunities here. Both full and part time job opportunities are available for cooks in Skyline Chili.

Skyline chili cook’s salary: $11.45 per hour

  • Skyline Chili Restaurant Manager Job Description

All the guests are passionate about skyline services as it is a brand in its category. If one is really interested to start his career with an organization that is passionate about people, hospitality, work/life balance then the Skyline Chili is the best option. Job responsibilities of professionals engaged in restaurant management at Skyline services are.
The restaurant management here is always open for solving all problems faced by the customers. Other responsibilities of these management professionals include; estimate food consumption, place orders with suppliers, and schedule delivery of fresh food and beverages. The management professionals also supervise the work of cleaning of kitchen and dining areas to maintain sanitation standards, and keep appropriate records. They regulate the actions of staff and customers to make sure that health and safety standards and liquor regulations are obeyed properly. It is the duty of the skyline managers to meet the sales representatives to order supplies such as tableware, cooking utensils, and cleaning items. In Skyline Chili the management is facilitated with a good computer network to track staff schedules and pay, and perform other record keeping tasks.

Skyline Chili restaurant manager’s annual salary is $55,000.

  • Skyline Chili Cashier Job Description

As a customer service provider a cashier always controls the last minute service issue. In Skyline, the cashiers are trained and are also skillful. The main responsibility of a cashier is to take the bill from customer, ring it up on the cash register and accept payment. The cashier needs to have knowledge about processing of credit cards or ATM cards. In Skyline Chili cashiers also sometimes act as hostesses and show patrons to their tables, especially during busy times.

Cashiers at Skyline Chili earn around $8.25 per hour

  • Some other positions

This chain of restaurant needs more employees with good communication and experience skill for its management. For posts like hotel boys, cleaners, dish servers both part and full time job option are available. All these workers enjoy the same facility like regular and high class professionals that work here.

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