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Established: 1984
Employees: 35
HQ: Greater Philadelphia Area
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Smooth Fitness is one of the major online dealers of home fitness equipment and the biggest e-commerce spot in the United States. The Company at this time sells the Smooth line of treadmills and elliptical trainers to customers over the Internet. The Smooth line of products has time and again been seen as one of the mainly money-making equipment lines existing. The Smooth product of fitness equipment is sold straight from the company and no more than the Internet. The customer gets the expediency of shopping online pooled with up to 50% factory express funds. The company is confident that every customer will surely like their products that they even offer a money back guarantee. The customer may even return the product in full refund just in case they are not pleased with the product they availed and the services it provides. The fitness equipment is distributed from the Company’s storehouses on the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Customer Service Representative

Manage any customer’s problem subsequent to placing an order such as tracking, shipment setting up, shipment smash up, shipment trouble, shipping issues, and various preliminary service calls from assigned customers; be in touch by the use of phone and email with customers to manage any issues a customer comes across after a purchase; compensate shipment bills and path problems with shipment companies to take away from shipment bills; go through local deliveries; take delivery of inbound calls from customers and appropriately answer the customers’ issues or express them to the suitable department; talk with shipment companies on the customers’ behalf to handle any tracking or arrangement issues; handle initial level protests from customers with shipping postponements and reparations, issuing an early cure or merit; and follow up with credits issued to customers.

Customer Service Representative Salary: $35,000.00

  • Service Technician

The Service Technician should observe call line up and take action to customer calls in a well-timed approach; work with customers in a proficient and polite way; complete the entire help desk entries in vast detail; troubleshoot difficulty to resolution or until considered external service is necessary; let somebody know in the management of any signs of problem tendencies; and send off and keep an eye on external service to problem resolution.

Service Technician Salary: $45,000.00

  • Store Manager

The Store Manager responsible for managing other workers, in a small team or a large department; responsible for the performance of the workers, making certain that the workers accomplished their obligations in a timely and perfect manner; manager may have the capability to hire and fire workers, or at least have important input into these decisions; and manager supervises workers at single level but may have to report to superior management as well.

Store Manager Salary: $50,000.00 Job Application Form Online offers a great job positions for qualified applicants and offers a well-off benefit plan. Send your updated resumes to or visit

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