Softchoice Corp.

by Publishing Team on December 20, 2010

Softchoice Corp. Job Description

Softchoice have developed from a corporation of merely a small number of workforces to an endeavor of more than 900 people with greater than 40 sales offices located in most important cities all through North America. The Softchoice Corp. works as a leading supplier of Information Tecnology solutions and services, serving undersized mid-market. The Project and civic sector organizations tie together the power of innovation as their guiding principle. Their recognized Information Technology asset management experts’ helps clients put up the case for fresh advancement, optimize their infrastructure and shrink in service operating cost.

Softchoice Corp. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Marketing Account Manager

The marketing account manager holds challenging and diverse responsibilities as a primary representative. He or she must have experience in managing executive level relationships. He or she must be able to perform their company’s market research and harmonize those results with promotions, sales and publicity teams and managers. The marketing account manager must build up and execute modified marketing plans from how to start advertising to the final carry out. The marketing manager must conduct momentous market investigation to agree on the recognition of a company’s products. Marketing managers may also increase pricing strategies to help get the most out of earnings and market contribution. However, the marketing manager must make in no doubt that every transaction reciprocally benefits both the firm as well as. Marketing account managers mark trends and describe their findings to the Chief Executive Officer or other higher-up people in the positions.

Marketing Account Manager Salary: $30,000.00 up to $60,000.00

  • Account Executive

The account executive is a sales professional who is in charge of launching new business, emerging current business affiliation and ensuring customer fulfillment. He or she normally works with a level of independence. The account executive tries to find and go behind leads to get on hands the new business for the firm. He or she must inquire about purchasing verdict makers and develops working relationships with them. He or she must intend to create and carry presentations stressing the products and services of his or her company. He or she must successfully seal sales and work on the way to beyond prearranged quotas set by his or her superior. He or she must also keep in touch with existing customers to gain additional dealing from them.

Account Executive Salary: $90,000.00

  • Customer Support Representative

The Customer Support Representative works for a multiplicity of companies as the shortest and fastest point of contact with regular clients. The customer support representative communicates by telephone, fax, web chats, while others use email or face-to-face contact with their customer. The customer support representative handles complaints from customers and deals with queries regarding the products or their financial credits.

Customer Sales Representative Salary: $10.00 to $15.00 per hour

Softchoice Corp. Job Application Form Online

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