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Softmart Job Description

From the time when Softmart has been established in 1980’s, it has helped a lot of consumers in giving a well-informed source for leading IT products and execution services. It offers about 250,000 products across 1,700 trade names including the software and premier hardware manufacturers. They have a team of Seller Specialist on employees with professional licensing understanding for Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, McAfee and a lot more.

Softmart Duties and Responsibilities

  • Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative in Softmart has more knowledge than the basic customer service representative. You will work in a team environment to create customer relationship, respond to customer inquiries and offer pricing and accessibility of information to the customers and verify order condition. You will perform regular billing related tasks like processing checks and credit cards and invoicing fold, insert envelopes, seal, and stamp. You will help design and bring up to date company marketing materials, print advertisements and website plus coordinating special events, advertising and seminars. You should also process mail and ship packages when ask for. Customer service representative must document each call that comes through the system in case the information is looked-for afterward.

Customer Service Representative Salary: $20,000.00 up to $35,000.00

  • Strategic Account Manager

The Strategic Account Manager is accountable for out looking to lock new customers buying financial statement, running or growing the buying movement of present and customers and increasing successful affairs with the company’s considered allies or service providers in order to attain quota targets. You will generate mutually the short and long period goals for the company that will take full advantage of its presence within the industry. Acting as strategic account manager, you are responsible for developing production strategies that will keep on expanding the client base of the company on whichever provincial, state or multi-national level.

Strategic Account Manager Salary: $60,000.00 up to $115.00

  • Pricing Coordinator

A Pricing Coordinator is somebody who lay down costs and develops tactics for products and repairs. A pricing coordinator evaluates costs and observes trends while maintaining a keeping an eye on the competition. A pricing coordinator labors with other sectional heads to move toward practical costs of a company’s products or services. He or she produces thoughts on how to endorse products and broadcast special deals. He or she has got to be conscious of his company’s policies and assignment as well as which customers the company is trying to get or add. Pricing coordinators in addition facilitates with product development. He or she he as well is prepared, logical, reliable and inventive. On top of those things, pricing coordinators should be proficient in math, and competent to work well alone or as members of a team.

Pricing Coordinator Salary: $35,000 to $90,000 per year based on responsibilities and experience

Softmart Job Application Form Online

You may contact Softmart Human Resources staff for your applications via email [email protected]

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