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Sonic Job Description

If you are a career oriented person and you are looking for a rewarding career opportunity in a fast paced yet fun working environment, then you can certainly find a suitable job position at Sonic America’s Drive In. From entry level positions to top management career options, Sonic provide a variety of employment for all kinds of people.

Sonic Job Positions and Duties

  • Sonic General Manager Job Description

General Managers at Sonic Drive-in are responsible for the overall operation of the store as well as in training, coaching, and motivating all Sonic employees within his or her supervision. General Managers are also directed to lead all the employees when it comes to providing quality food and service in a clean and safe environment ensuring that all guests will have a truly enjoyable experience at the Sonic Drive-In. Other essential duties include directing and assigning employees and managing them to perform all delegated duties in every workstation and ensuring that all company’s policies and operating standards are implemented at all times.

Sonic General Manager Salary: $50,904

  • Sonic Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Managers at Sonic Drive-In provides support and managerial assistance to all aspects of the operation and have the power to assume responsibility in the absence of other management. Assistant Managers are also responsible in providing comprehensive training and team development in accordance to the company’s operating standards in providing quality food and excellent customer service in a clean and safe working environment. Other specific duties include monitoring crew members and carhops, taking the appropriate action to address various employee issues that may arise at the work place, and monitoring inventory levels and cost control during his or her shift among many others.

Sonic Assistant Manager Hourly Salary: $10.00

  • Sonic Car Hop Job Description

Among the basic duties and responsibilities of a Car Hop at Sonic Drive – In is to ensure that the temperature, packaging, presentation, and service of all products included in the menu are according to the company’s operational standards. He or she must also be prepared to carry and balance a tray full of orders that can weigh up to 25 pounds. Car Hops must also greet all customers in friendly and courteous manner and deliver and serve all food and beverage orders at each delivery point in a timely manner.

Sonic Car Hop Hourly Salary: $6.68

  • Sonic Crew Member Job Description

All Crew Members at Sonic Drive-In are expected to perform all the tasks delegated to them by the management regardless of what station they have been assigned to. Crew Members must also learn how to operate switchboards, record orders and repeat them to the customer in a clear and understandable manner to ensure that all orders are correct. Crew Members are also responsible for preparing fountain drinks and ice cream items and if required, they will also need to assist in preparing and cutting food items. It is also the responsibility of Crew Members to make sure that all areas of the Drive-in are clean.

Sonic Crew Member Hourly Salary: $7.35

  • Other Job Positions

Other job positions at Sonic Drive-In include kitchen crew which is responsible for the overall preparation of the workstation and processing food orders. Front counter and drive through job position is also available with the same job description and responsibilities as the Crew Member but with a great emphasis on customer service since they will be in the frontline receiving and processing the orders of the customers.

Sonic Drive – In Job Application Form Online

To search for various available job positions at Sonic Drive-In, visit the company’s official career page at to learn about every job position and its corresponding duties and responsibilities. To apply for a particular position, go to∫=false where you need to fill up several fields and upload your resume.

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