Spectrum Brands

by Publishing Team on January 27, 2011

Spectrum Brands Job Description

Spectrum Brands is a global company selling consumer products and a leading supplier of battery, grooming, personal care, pet care, and a lot of other products. These products are being sold by the world’s top retailers and in over 120 countries across the globe. With a company this large, Spectrum Brands generates annual revenue of over $2 billion.

Spectrum Brands Job Positions and Duties

  • Spectrum Brands Marketing Coordinator Job Description

A Marketing Coordinator assists the marketing group in daily activities and major projects to be able to compete with sales globally and increase profit. He/she budgets and monitors expenses for the company. He/she also is responsible for helping the sales coordinator, communicating with brand team for packing and merchandising artwork, and takes care of administrative functions such as purchasing and meeting coordination.

Spectrum Brands Marketing Coordinator Salary Range: $41k- 45k

  • Spectrum Brands Demand Planning Manager Job Description

A Demand Planning Manager takes responsibility for creating and managing a process of planning productions and scheduling master productions. He/she must coordinate production plans so that materials will be provided and supplied. He/she takes part in developing inventory strategies and targets with spectrum brands.

Spectrum Brand Demand Planning Manager Salary Range: $69,105- $97,648

  • Spectrum Brands Marketing Director Job Description

As a Marketing Director you are to execute, develop, and maintain marketing strategies in order to meet company goals. He/she monitors all marketing activities. He/ she is also responsible for staffing and supervising the staff to develop their marketing skills and help the company increase sales. He/she supervise product managers and works to improve key performance indicator.

Spectrum Brand Marketing Director Salary: No data found

  • Spectrum Brands Quality Engineer Job Description

Playing a key role in Quality Systems Development the Quality Engineer will ensure product quality, perform supplier audits, and check for product quality standards and testing. He/she is also responsible for taking the lead in continuing improvement and analyzing customer and product data.

Spectrum Brands Quality Engineer Salary: $43,680

  • Spectrum Brands Proofreader Job Description

The Proofreader is in charge of the final proof reading of all production graphic materials for formatting and errors. He/ she will correct the errors he/she will be able to find or he/she could give out directions to his/her teammates to do the corrections themselves. A Proofreader must be able to communicate effectively with internal company teammates at various levels. He/she will be in charge for writing content to the internal company newsletter and also write content for promotional materials and projects.

Spectrum Brands Proofreader Hourly Salary: $15

Spectrum Brands Job Application Form Online

Spectrum Brands has various brand names to distribute and so wide range of opportunities await those who apply for a job in their company. If you think that you are fitting to work for this company, try visiting their website at http://spectrumbrands.com/Careers/SearchJobs.aspx and you can start searching for a job that you think will suit you best. Spectrum Brands offers a lot of benefits to its employees this maybe the workplace you have been looking for.

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