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by Publishing Team on January 11, 2011

Sprint Nextel Job Description

Sprint Nextel is the third largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States and is known for developing, engineering and implementing innovative telecommunication technologies including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the US. It is also a global internet carrier and makes up a portion of the internet backbone. It is widely recognized for having a wide range of wireless and wireline communications services to consumers. It was founded in 1937 and currently has over 48.9 million customers. Being an industry leader in telecommunications technology, Sprint Nextel is a great place to build your career.

Sprint Nextel Job Positions and Duties

  • Sprint Nextel RF Engineer Job Description

A radio frequency engineer’s main job is to design frequency components, circuits, and devices. At Sprint Nextel, an RF engineer is expected to make and deliver radio frequency designs and wireless transmission designs. Strong technical skills are needed as this position includes designing, planning and overseeing installation and maintenance of wireless radio communications systems. He must also have a good technical understanding and hands on experience of radio propagation modeling, microwave path analysis, interference analysis, frequency coordination, cell site equipment layout, parameter definition and ancillary equipment. The RF Engineer also needs to have good project management and technical problem solving skills.

Sprint Nextel RF Engineer Salary : $68,219

  • Sprint Nextel Applications Developer Job Description

Applications Developers assume a vital role in helping Sprint Nextel continue to find ways to provide better technologies for its consumers. These are the innovative core of the organization when it comes to software applications. The main job of an Application Developer is to make cost-effective IT solutions by creating new or modifying existing applications. They are responsible for analyzing system requirements, existing business processes and information systems, and looking for ways to create better solutions to these processes. Experience in various types of programming languages, and patience in debugging and problem solving is a must for this fast-paced and innovative career.

Sprint Nextel Applications Developer Salary : $57,572

  • Sprint Nextel Network Engineer Job Description

A network engineer’s job includes planning, designing, implementing and maintaining networked systems. They must also provide engineering services and must possess project management skills required to develop and implement non-complex network plans. Since this work involves projects on design, planning, development, and evaluation of new and advanced network technologies, strong knowledge and hands on skills in using routers, bridges, concentrators, and switches is required. The network engineer also leads the analysis of technology changes that must be implemented to provide better network performance and must also conduct project planning, cost analysis, and vendor comparisons.

Sprint Nextel Network Engineer Salary : $60,094

  • Spring Nextel Telecom Design Engineer Job Description

A Telecom Design Engineer’s job is to analyze networked applications and assess these applications’ needs. There are also required to research, plan, design, develop, evaluate advanced network technologies and must be able translate customer business objectives into final product designs. Since this position includes handling highly complex projects, in-depth understanding of the specifications of 4G Radio Frequency network designs, experience in networked application needs, network and RF modeling and simulation testing skills are required for this position.

Spring Nextel Telecom Design Engineer Salary : $90,270

  • Sprint Nextel Retail Store Manager Job Description

Basically, a retail store manager’s main function in Sprint Nextel is ensuring that the staffs are doing their responsibilities to deliver the outstanding service experience to the customers at all times. The retail store manager must have exceptional leadership and management skills as they are responsible for maintaining quality store operations, empowering and leading store partners, and maximizing financial contributions. They shall also carry out operational functions such as hiring, training, scheduling, and must also constantly report to the district manager about all aspect of the store’s performance. The store manager is also responsible for preparing monthly or yearly sales and employee performance and store performance reports.

Sprint Nextel Retail Store Manager Salary : $59,785

Sprint Nextel Job Application Form Online

Sprint Nextel’s official website allows users to browse for different available career opportunities and job positions at different locations. The website link http://www.about.sprint.com/careers/?ECID=vanity:careers provides a comprehensive database for every available job position.

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