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Staples Job Description

The world’s largest retailer of office supplies this company is committed to helping people by making things they need in their office easy to find. From supplies, electronics, furniture, and other services, Staples makes it available. Having achieved $23 billion in sales and as it continues to establish new stores all over the globe Staples is continuously searching for employees. At Staples, they make sure that employees enjoy a wonderful working environment and a number of work benefits.

Staples Job Positions and Duties

  • Staples Assistant Manager Job Description

Being a part of the managing team an assistant manager sees to it that the process and systems standards are being followed in providing service to customers. He/she also mentors the sales team to increase productivity and profitability. He can also function as the manager in circumstances that the manager will not be able available which includes monitoring the merchandise movement, anticipating needs in store operations, and other administrative functions.

Staples Assistant Manager Salary: $44, 500

  • Staples Department Supervisor Job Description

A Department Supervisor assists the Department Head in rendering customers with the best service the company has to offer. The Department Supervisor will play a key role in motivating the sales team in the assigned department to increase productivity and sales. He/ she is also responsible for all the department’s paper works and makes sure that the departments displays are in good condition. Apart from these responsibilities, he/she also interacts with clients that have concerns about products they have bought.

Staples Department Supervisor Salary: $23, 675

  • Staples Sales Associate Job Description

As a Sales Associate you will work in one of Staples’ various departments. As a Sales Associate you must have that eagerness to serve customers, assist them with their queries, and provide them with the products that suit their needs. It is also important for an associate to be a good listener so that he/she would be able to address the customer’s needs for their full satisfaction.

Staples Sales Associate Hourly Salary: $8.54

  • Staples Sales Manager job Description

A Sales manager must possess the skills, knowledge, and attitude to be able to make the sales team work together and be able to maintain easy sales and provide quality service. He/ she must be able to help each member of the team be comfortable with the work environment for them to be able to give out their best.

Staples Sales Manager Salary: $43, 300

  • Staples Cashier Job Description

A Cashier operates registry and processes customer merchandise purchases with utmost courtesy and in a pleasant manner. The cashier is also tasked to maintain the storefront which includes maintaining it clean and organized and stacking displays as orderly as possible.

Staples Cashier Hourly Salary: $8.15

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