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Subway Job Description

Subway Sandwich’s goal is to achieve the company’s optimum performance and growth by empowering their employees and developing them to become among the industry’s most effective managers and Team Members. The company offers a fast paced working environment with various career advancement opportunities.

Subway Job Positions and Duties

  • Subway Sandwich Artist Job Description

Among the major responsibilities of a Subway Sandwich Artist is to prepare all the ingredients that will be needed during his or her shift, create sandwiches delis, wraps, and salads, bake bread and cookies, operate the equipment in his or her station, serve customers, clean the dining section, maintain food safety and standards in food preparation and personal hygiene, and ensure that all equipment are working properly. Sometimes, a Sandwich Artist must also perform cashier duties so he or she is expected to learn how to operate the store’s POS terminal.

Subway Sandwich Artist Hourly Salary: $7.62

  • Subway Store Manager Job Description

Subway Store Managers are expected to perform and implement overall store management. Included in their responsibilities is to perform inventory and money control system. They also need to supervise the staff and make sure that the food safety guidelines are followed along with the company’s standard in maintaining cleanliness. Store Managers must also direct the store’s safety and security. Other key responsibilities include recruitment and training of staff, promote sales and contact prospective customers while establishing local marketing programs. Store Managers also need to maintain the business records during their shift and must provide excellent customer service at all times.

Subway Shift Manager Salary: $26,819

  • Subway Shift Manager Job Description

Subway Shift Managers take charge of the operations during a shift to make sure that food handling and product preparation follows the company’s standard procedure. Food safety, cleanliness and inventory control also falls on the responsibility of the Shift Manager and it also includes the scheduling of staff to avoid shift confusion. Shift Managers also train new and less experienced Sandwich Artists. They also need to do some paperwork. Shift Managers also need to perform the basic tasks and responsibilities of a Sandwich Artist in accordance to the Sandwich Artist job description. Excellent customer service is also required for this job position as with all other job postings by the company.

Subway Shift Manager Hourly Salary: $8.84

  • Subway Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Managers report to the store owner or manager while supervising daily operations to make sure that food safety, product handling and preparation as well as the company’s cleanliness standards are maintained. Basically, Assistant Managers need to perform all the job descriptions stated for Shift Managers but with extra responsibilities like recommending staff promotion, termination, or transfer. Assistant Manager can also conduct written or verbal evaluation with regards to the employees’ performance. Assistant Managers must also help in planning and implementing promotions and special events. They also need to coordinate and supervise the employees in order to maintain the standards of cleanliness as outlined in the store’s Operations Manual.

Subway Assistant Manager Salary: $19,189

  • Some Other Job Positions

Other job postings at Subway Sandwich include Senior Sandwich Artist. This job positions requires an individual to understand a variety of duties in accordance to the Quick Service Restaurant or QSR and this includes greeting and serving guests, product preparation, implementing sanitation standards and training of newly hired Sandwich Artists. Other available jobs include Field Marketing Manager, Senior Brand Manager, District Manager, and Field Consultant.

Subway Job Application Form Online

To browse for available job positions at Subway, you can visit their official website and go to for various job vacancies you can qualify for.

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