by Publishing Team on December 20, 2010 Job Description is an online dealer of blank CD/DVD media products in South California which provide a large selection of blank CD/DVD media and covering cases, computer hardware, memory, and ink and toner cartridges. They always come across to latest inventions to advance their service to the customers. When it comes to purchasing high quality media products with variety of selection, exceptional pricing and high-speed delivery, SuperMediaStore is on top of preferred stores nationwide. They are staffed with top customer service representative lineup that are finely skilled in managing customers. They at all times keep in mind customers’ demands and concerns providing the customers with the maximum amount of punctuality and expert support. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Search Marketing Analyst

The Search Marketing Analyst will take part in a vital role within the SuperMediaStore Acquisition Marketing team. The Search Marketing Analyst will be in charge for daily running of PPC campaigns, Affiliate Network programs, (SCE) Shopping Comparison Engines and merchant shopping spots with a chief focus of lashing maximum hunt reporting while producing preferred ROI. Supervising the marketing ROI for partner shopping spots, partner networks and SCE’s as well as PPC campaign making, approach, analysis, ad replica optimization and bid management across the entire 3 most important engines will be the regular duties of Search Marketing Analyst. The Search Marketing Analyst has a task to search campaigns online using Google, Yahoo and Bing but of course other reliable sites should be considered as well. The Search Marketing Analyst must generate apt and precise performance reports in measuring search performance. To guarantee effectual program implementation, observance to strategic path and apt program quantity, the search marketing analyst is supposed to manage the company’s online search partners routinely. The search marketing analyst endow with exact forecasts for Search expenditure and customer acquirement performance. Forceful highest seek coverage while producing preferred ROI is gained by having the search marketing analyst produce, apply, follow, study, and optimize PPC campaigns. Not only that, the search marketing analyst must vigorously search for PPC expansion opportunities, bend programs properly and check keywords, reproducing and landing pages to boost ROI. The search marketing analyst facilitates with Product Management teams and Marketing to attain individual and crowd goals. The search marketing analyst makes marketing plans functioning with management and product team members to reach returns goals, customer gaining and withholding goals delivering utmost ROI contained by every channel. The search marketing analyst supervises the entire aspects of associate shopping sites including Ebay and Amazon as potential partner programs. The search marketing analyst is obliged to live abreast SEM finest practices and business explore. And lastly; the search marketing analyst has to handle every features of SCE’s including both inner and outer partner infrastructure and analysis, plus all aspect of allied accounts, affairs and communications.

Competitive compensation and benefits

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vacation Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Holiday Leave
  • Performance Based Bonuses Job Application Form Online

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