Sur La Table Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 6, 2011

Sur La Table Inc. Job Description

Sur La Table is the Mecca for folks who feel affection to cook and amuse. The company is a continuous example of 30 years heritage of cooking modernization, genuineness and breakthroughs. The company greatly differs from other existing companies because of their expertise as well as trusted influence in their product collection. The company creates meaning for their shareholders while investing in their human resources and the communities that they survive and work.

Sur La Table Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assistant Buyer

The Assistant Buyer supports buyer openly in day to day aspects of buying and retailing; creates and maintains day to day news used for analyzing the production; keeps record and product database (PIMM) to ensure precision; creates and preserves SKUs; takes part in aggressive examination of mutually direct competitors and stores and tackles feedback; builds a functioning fact of the buying function including products assortment, negotiating, pricing, and preparation and marketing products; creates skilled knowledge of customer base; learns to assess product implementation and point of view; and keeps a trial tracking and procurement.

Assistant Buyer Salary: $35,000.00

  • Planner

The Planner in cooperation with Merchandising, expand and perform department, classification and vendor plans for particular product categories that meet or go beyond general financial goals counting sales, margin and inventory turn; handle inventory investments to take advantage of production and in-store completion as well as preliminary buys, liquidation tactics, reorders and allotment strategies; evaluate and anticipate weekly or monthly existing trends and advocate fitting actions to make the most of financial results; expand account flow and distribution strategies that support continuing replacement and seasonal group needs; labor with key interfaces in the Supply Chain and Retail organization to spot and do something on opportunities; educate, guide and increase direct reports that bring performance fineness while supporting open and all-encompassing surroundings; operate as a role form providing management inside the whole Planning & Allocation and Merchandising organizations; and proactively see issues and opportunities, proposing solutions and communicating a fused route.

Planner Salary: $40,000.00

  • Store Manager

The Store Manager in charge for lashing store results as well as sales, payroll, shrink and on the whole operating cost; represent and generate setting for extraordinary customer service; goes in front and Champions Sur La Table image and approaches; keeps an eye and transport the entire operations, merchandising, image and sales orders; take on, keep hold and build up an occupied sales ambitious team; make out and build up next levels of administration; constantly performance run workforce, provide continuing feedback; look after all company assets and preserve Loss Prevention critical controls; make obvious admirable contact skills with employees, customers and corporate office; make certain observance with all company policies and measures; set-up and employ talent on a constant basis; and other duties as necessary.

Store Manager Salary: $50,000.00

Sur La Table Inc. Job Application Form Online

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