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Established: 1957
Employees: 359
HQ: West Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Sweetwater.com Job Description

The Sweetwater.com is an online site or place where music lover customers and friends can buy music instruments and audio gear. They have more than 60,000 pages of melody and in support of audio gear-related information. They also offer trading of music gears from person to person by just visiting their trading shop at tradingpost.sweetwater.com. They even recommend repair, technical support and employment on their website. Customers can be in no doubt that they have exactly what they are searching for when they shop online. They can guarantee customers of a safe and secure shopping online. Their main location can be found in West Fort Wayne, IN.

Sweetwater.com Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales Engineer

The Sales engineer must have music industry experience in retail sales or as a manufacturer’s representative or work in a recording studio. Such examples include music school recordings, television recordings and radio recordings; must be able to express technology and merchandise positioning to both selling and technological users; responsible for keenly driving and organizing the technology assessment period of the sales course, working in union with the sales team as the key technical consultant and product campaigner for the products; responsible for representing the product to clients and at ground proceedings such as conferences, seminars, etc; must be able to act in response to purposeful and technical basics of RFIs/RFPs; and must be able to pass on customer requirements to Product Management teams.

Sales Engineer Salary: $80,000.00 to $110,000.00

  • Application System Analyst

The Application System Analyst develops and preserves web-based applications that line with databases; develops and maintains records, task/flow charts, etc; coordinates application development for numerous projects; assists in troubleshooting software application issues; must have strong project management skills with successful results meeting point within an information systems setting; and must demonstrate capacity to be flexible and work firm, both in competition and in a team environment, in a high demands on-call environment with altering priorities.

Application System Analyst Salary: $80,000.00 to $100,000.00

  • Teller

The Teller accepts, collect and pay out cash; keeps report of money and to be discussed instruments involved in a financial processing in various transactions; checks and pay out cash after verifying that signatures are correct, that printed and numerical amounts are the same, and that financial statement have satisfactory means; identifies operation mistakes when debits and credits do not balance; and make up, type, and mail customer statements and other connection interrelated to issues such as discrepancies and outstanding due items.

Teller Salary: $10,000.00 to $20,000.00

Sweetwater.com Job Application Form Online

For a positive career move, mail your application to Sweetwater.com’s Human Resources Department at careers@sweetwater.com or fill up their online application at www.sweetwater.com.

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