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Established: 2001
Employees: 40,000
HQ: Bellevue, Washington
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T- Mobile Job Description

T- Mobile is one of USA’s leading wireless communications network. The company envisions the lives of people to become colorful as they help people keep in touch to those they value much in their lives. Committed to giving the best quality service, T- mobile has more than 40, 000 employees and continues to hire more as they try to live up with their commitment to almost over 30, 000 subscribers in America. The T- Mobile workforce is given opportunities for career growth as well as personal growth plus a package of benefits as they continue to serve the people under the Company.

T- Mobile Job Positions and Duties

  • T- Mobile Analyst II Job Description

An Analyst II works with the management in analyzing needed enhancements and revisions in the delivery of training curricula and reporting. He or she is tasked to listen to the customer to identify their needs and apply the gathered data to be able to provide the customer with what they need. The data gathered from customer assessment will then be processed for enhancements to be done.

T- Mobile Analyst II Salary: $62, 006

  • T- Mobile Engineer III, Systems Design Job Description

System validation which includes testing network infrastructure, hardware, software, and applications are responsibilities of Engineer II. Other responsibilities include evaluating the system design, perform feasibility and development trials, and support the deployment of the new technology by providing technical support focusing on problems beyond Tier II. The Engineer II performs more importantly recording and communicating his/her findings after system evaluation has been conducted.

T- Mobile Engineer III, Systems Design Salary: $81, 515

  • T- Mobile Retail Store Manager Job Description

The Store Manager provides the motivation for the sales team to move towards excellence and increasing sales. He/she mentors the sales team to hone their potentials that would impress and make customers stays and be loyal to the company. He/she develop the sales team to make sure that the customer’s experience with the company is pleasurable and memorable.

T- Mobile Retail Store Manager Salary: $48, 692

  • T- Mobile Retail Sales Representative Job Description

As a Retail Sales Representative you attend to the customer and develop the customers trust and loyalty to the company by solving their problem, attending to their needs, and treating them with utmost respect. A Retail Sales Representative will also act competently to address the needs of the customer. He/ she must be knowledgeable with the products he/she sells to convince a customer to purchase the product.

T- Mobile Retail Sales Representative Salary: $29, 133

  • T- Mobile Customer Service Representative Job Description

A Customer Service Representative must have a good character and personality to establish with the interpersonally a trusting working relationship as he/ she addresses client concerns. He/ she must possess the knowledge, and must exercise initiative and judgment as he/ she answers client queries and make decisions about company products. A Customer Service Representative addresses customer concerns in a way that best serves the customer.

Customer Service Representative Hourly Salary: $13.50

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