Taco Del Mar

by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Taco Del Mar Job Description

Taco Del Mar is Seattle based fast food restaurant chain specializing in hand-rolled burritos and fish tacos. Taco Del Mar has many restaurants throughout Western United States and Canada. This restaurant attracts the customers mainly because of its fast service and for its relaxing atmosphere. The environment is based on the beach culture which is very fascinating for the customers. Besides the food, the other reason why people flock to this restaurant is for the fast service it provides. And for this service, the credit goes to its employees. Taco Del Mar recruits the candidates who are well proficient, well qualified and hardworking so that they can give the best possible services.

Taco Del Mar Job Positions and Duties

  • Taco Del Mar Restaurant Manager Job Description

It is a well known fact that the restaurant business is the most profitable business. And its success depends on the customers’ satisfaction and fulfilling the customer’s need. The Restaurant Manger plays the most important role in this regard. In Taco Del Mar, The restaurant manager looks after each and every unit of the restaurant and makes sure that it is functioning in a proper and desired manner. Right from the cleanliness of the restaurant to the quality of the food, the restaurant mangers deals and takes care of all this. The restaurant manager puts more attention on the quality of food it is serving because it is food only that can ultimately bring customer satisfaction there by giving good business in return. Interacting and answering the queries of the customers is also included in a restaurant manager’s job. He or she also looks after the maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene of the restaurant premises as well as the kitchen.

The average annual salary of a Restaurant manager is around $ 50,000

  • Taco Del Mar Kitchen Staff Job Description

Kitchen staff are the people who are entirely responsible for the kitchen work including preparing the food and maintaining the cleanliness. The kitchen staff includes the chefs and cooks, responsible for preparing different type of food and beverages. The head cook or the main chef directs and executes the work of other cook in the kitchen. The quantity of food and the menu planning is done by the chef in Taco Del Mar. The kitchen staff looks after the entire duties and responsibilities associated with preparing the food.

The average hourly salary of the kitchen staff is around $7.00.

  • Taco Del Mar Maitre d’ Job Description

In any restaurant and especially Taco Del Mar, the Maitre d’ is the first person the customer will come in contact with when he or she visits the restaurant. Maitre d’ plays the role of a host and escorts the customer to their seat. The Maitre d’s main aim is to provide the customer with the most pleasant and positive experience. They try to provide the customer the utmost ease so that they feel like home. Although no special qualification is required to be a Maitre d’, but one thing which is very much essential is that the person should be “people’s person”. He or she must possess the customer service skills and also a good communication skill in order to understand the need of the customers.

The average hourly salary of a Maitre d’ is $8.52

  • Taco Del Mar Cashier Job Description

The cashier does not do the work of only maintaining the cash register and taking the payments from the customers. Sometime it also has to work as a host A cashier at Taco Del Mar must have adequate understanding of the menu, item’s rate and should be able too prepare the bill quick and accurately.

The average hourly salary of the cashier at Taco Del Mar is around $8.00

Taco Del Mar Job Application Form Online

The applicant can look after the other details of the job description in link http://www.tacodelmar.com/company/get-job.html.
One can also apply online through this particular link.

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