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by Publishing Team on November 1, 2010

Taco Time Job Description

The fast food culture has opened a lot of opportunities for restaurant chains all over the United States. Some of these restaurants serve Mexican food, like Taco Time. With more than 350 restaurants in the union, this chain of restaurants started in 1959. It is currently sitting on the number one spot as the best chain of restaurant that serves Mexican food. This chain of restaurant prides itself in doing things just right; taking time to make sure everything is well prepared for the sake of the customers. The quality of ingredients is an important aspect too, since there are more people now than ever before who are conscious of what they eat.

Taco Time Job Positions and Duties

  • Taco Time Cashier Job Description

The work of the cashier may be the taking of cash and processing credit payments but it does not end there. This work extends to sales and marketing as well since the cashier is expected to have excellent communication and PR skills to interact with the customers. It is expected that some customers will want to know some details about recipes, menu and management and the cashier is expected to know the answers to these questions and answer them accurately. The cashier has to be accurate in giving receipts and change when doing so

Taco Time cashier’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Taco Time Cook Job Description

Since this is a taco place, different taco recipes feature in the menu, all of which the hired cooks have to know to prepare. They have to have the experience in doing so too. The experience of customers will be determined by the skills of the cook, which will be shown by the way he prepares his food. This is a joint that always surprises its regular customers with new and interesting recipes, most of which are designed by the cooks themselves. The cooks have to keep everything interesting for the sake of the restaurant.

Taco Time cook’s salary: $13.6 to$15a per hour

  • Taco Time Shift Manager Job Description

This is a relatively stressing job and needs a lot of attention to detail. The shift manager has to be up to the job and be fast in delegating duties to subordinates. He always has to lead by example, by being neat, presentable and in time. The shift manager arranges for the filling of all the job slots in the restaurants, so that the work is smooth and the restaurant is profitable enough. He ensures that emergencies are taken care of and work proceeds well even in the face of emergencies.

Taco Time shift manager’s salary: $16 to 17 per hour

  • Taco Time Store Manager Job Description

Store management has the same stresses as shift management, but on a lower scale. There is a lot of work to be done including the drawing up of a schedule and the allocation of tasks for all the employees in the stores. The store manager liaises with the management when there is need to replace items and equipments. The store manager ensures that all the sections of the restaurants have used the store supplies well so as to save money. When the budget is tight, the store manager may refuse to supply some items depending on how they are being used.

Taco Time store manager’s salary: $14 to $15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

there are more positions on offer like Sales/Marketing, personnel, Operations managers, General Management, Legal, Restaurant Employment (crew and management) HR, Information Technology, Public Relations, Communications, and General Office Support among others. All these require experience and skill.

Taco Time Job Application Form Online

[email protected] is the address to submit your CV.
You can locate a specific store and send your CV there if there is a job through http://www.tacotime.com/google/store_locator.php.

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