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TCBY Job Description

This brand has been serving some of the best yoghurt since 1981. It was discovered by the founders that yoghurt was better than ice-cream and was more delicious and nutritious. Before it became a franchise, TCBY brew tremendously and had a lot of faithful customers all over the US. The variety of yoghurt being served includes healthy options even for those who are diabetic.

TCBY Job Positions and Duties

  • TCBY Cashier Job Description

The work of a cashier is to man the cash register. He has to make sure all the records go hand in hand with what is in the cash register. The cashier has to account for all the cash that has been spent by her. She has to liaise with the management if she needs something for her docket. The cashier has to keep records of other transactions. The cashier may have to give a report of her work in a certain month or year, and she will use her records to do that. The cashier has to be accountable and dependable

TCBY cashier’s salary: $12 per hour

  • TCBY Cook Job Description

The work of the cook is simple, he has t cook all the items on the menu and make sure the service is impeccable. During rush hours, the cooks may have to chip in and serve the customers. Cooks make sure the supplies of ingredients are made to the kitchen. Other needs such as fuel and utensils have to be made and this has to be made by the management with the express request of the cook. The cook will also train others in the work.

TCBY cook’s salary: $14 per hour

  • TCBY Shift Manager Job Description

The management of time in TCBY lies on the shoulders of a shift manager. Everything has to be done according to the schedule, and the shift manager is there to ensure this happens. The shift manager has to display the skills of time management and influence the others by his example. He has to have impeccable skills in communication and PR as well. The shift manager ensures that there is enough labor to handle all the work that needs to be done.

TCBY shift manager’s salary: $16 to $18per hour

  • TCBY Store Manager Job Description

The store manager has to make sure the restaurants’ stores are well supplied with needed items. This is why he keeps the records of all the items and liaises with the cooks and other employees when certain items need to be supplied. The store manager is the hirer and firer of store clerks and is the one who makes sure all the clerks are well trained and integrated into their jobs.

TCBY store manager’s salary: $14 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Some of the most popular job positions in TCBY are management jobs. All levels of management jobs are on offer and are filled by only the most qualified and experienced of persons. Jobs are available in the many TCBY outlets, and an application considered the best is the one that has more than enough references.

TCBY Job Application Form Online

While the official TCBY website does not have jobs being advertised, a quick look at some of the popular internet sites for job users reveals that there are many jobs at TCBY. Most of them are in management, with posts such as customer service representative and franchise opportunities being on offer.

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