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by Publishing Team on November 10, 2010

TD Bank Job Descriptions

TD Bank is proud of its heritage and commitment to the high standards and values unique to its immediate and distant markets. TD Bank seeks individuals that will help reflect this commitment. As a result, TD Bank invests in its employees by providing opportunities for advancement, competitive salaries and incentive programs and an excellent benefits package which includes: medical and dental insurance, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, incentive compensation, among others. Dynamic, challenging and rewarding – professionally as well as personally, TD Bank is the place for careers that give more to its numerous employees.

TD Bank Job Positions and Duties

  • TD Bank Chief Financial Officer Job Description

TD Bank Chief Financial Officer is generally accountable for the bank’s entire financial activities; the Chief Financial Officer must have a thorough knowledge of all the procedures of a facility. The execution of many daily tasks requires immense time, concentration, and knowledge, so professionals must be highly organized and analytical. They manage numerous associates, but all efforts are geared towards increasing company profits.

TD Bank Chief Financial Officer Salary: $95,000

  • TD Bank Compliance Manager Job Description

The Compliance Manager at TD Bank assumes many responsibilities. He/she oversees the operations of either one or multiple facilities to ensure each establishment is properly following procedures, and that company policies and procedures comply with state and government regulations. Professionals must keep up to date with ever changing codes, and be capable of making necessary changes in a timely manner.

TD Bank Compliance Manager Salary: $75,000

  • TD Bank Collections Manager Job Description

TD Bank Collections Managers are responsible for all aspects of collecting past due or delinquent accounts. They must keep detailed records of all transactions, train employees, and report activities to senior professionals. Their primary duty is to ensure all funds are collected or resolved in a timely manner to increase overall profitability.

TD Bank Collections Manager Salary: $75,000

  • TD Bank Account Manager Job Description

The Account Manager at TD Bank is generally responsible for a varying number of duties; Account Managers assist businesses and individuals with the maintenance of all accounts and resources. These associates will also maintain substantial documentation for all activities and may monitor bill paying, fund transfers, and account balance information.

TD Bank Account Manager Salary: $77,000

  • TD Bank Loan Officer Job Description

To increase the amount of transactions through their facility, TD Bank Loan Officer typically assists individuals seeking loans, and act as a liaison to creditors and borrowers. Loan Officers aid clients when applying for loans, as well as ensure that the necessary information is provided to both the creditor and the borrower. These professionals must be able to advise clients experiencing difficulties receiving loans, in addition to suggesting the best possible options for each client.

TD Bank Loan Officer Salary: $65,000

  • TD Bank Call Center Specialist Job Description

The Call Center Specialist at TD Bank is responsible for performing a full range of customer service oriented telephone and e-mail support activities as directed by the Call Center Manager. Professionally greets customers; responds to inquiries of a specific or general nature; determines appropriate response or direction for the caller; promotes various marketing campaigns; assists in the completion of new account or loan applications; issues messages; resolves problems within given authority. Performs various operational background duties; processes account balance or transfer requests, stop payment orders, changes of address and other such customer requests or authorizations. Conducts a variety of routine daily tasks; reviews reports, prepares correspondence; participates in special department projects.

TD Bank Call Center Specialist Salary: $50,000

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