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by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Texas de Brazil Job Description

The franchise flame seems to have taken hold of the American market with every state and city having one of the many franchise food joints in the American market. Lovers of meat will love the Texas de Brazil chain of restaurants, with more than enough variety to fill up with. You can eat Brazilian steak, Brazilian picanha and other meats to your fill. The delivery of quality foods can only imply one thing; that this brand of restaurants does not compromise on the quality of people working in its restaurants. This is very true since the environment in all the Texas de Brazil restaurants is bound to leave your taste buds tantalized. Here are some of the employment opportunities offered by Texas de Brazil.

Texas de Brazil Job Positions and Duties

  • Texas de Brazil Cashier Job Description

The cashier is one of the few persons the clients will encounter when they visit any of the Texas de Brazil restaurants and he has to carry the image of the restaurant in the job. She is tasked with the responsibility of answering all the questions posed to her and effectively process sales. She has to give the right change and issue receipts. She will give an account at the end of every business day so everything has to be accurate to maintain trust with the administration. She has to demonstrate the ability to perform her job therefore she has to have the skills and experience. All employees need to work as a team including the cashier.

Texas de Brazil cashier salary: $8-10 per hour

  • Texas de Brazil Cook Job Description

This is a restaurant with a commercial kitchen setting so all the cooks need to have the skills and experience of working in a commercial setting. Two years of experience is good enough to get a spot. The cook needs to be healthy and certified as a person who can handle food safely. He needs to be economical and wise in using all the items in the kitchen, especially the supplies. The cooks will be expected to order the supply of the food and utensil items needed for the kitchen. The cooks will clean the utensils and keep the kitchen clean according to the required standards. They will work according to the schedules and shifts set up by the head cook.

Texas de Brazil cook’s salary: $13.02 per hour

  • Texas de Brazil Shift Manager Job Description

The shift manager ensures that everything flows smoothly in every shift. He has to make sue all the employees are in their work stations on time. He will meet with all the customers and alert the cooks and waitresses of the needs of the customers, which will have to be cared for immediately. He will also respond to the needs of the customer and ensure that they are comfortable as much as possible. PR skills is a must have for all clients and he will also take on the customers’ opinions. He has to maintain effective operations in the restaurant area as well as the stores. Nothing can be amiss in his presence.

Texas de Brazil shift manager’s salary: $21.35per hour

  • Texas de Brazil Store Manager Job Description

His work is to run the store. Running the store entails a lot more than just keeping the records of what comes in and what goes out. He is part of the administration and he makes sure all the suppliers are notified when they need to supply a certain commodity. He will inform the other members of staff of the need to economize items if the need arises. He is the boss of the store staff and ensures that everyone does his work in the store. The store manager will hire store staff and train them if need be. One has to be computer literate for effective working and be excellent in communicating with the customers.

Texas de Brazil store manager salary: $9-10 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

All the other positions need the services of excellent professionals, and this cannot be compromised upon. Steak cooks and food service directors are as much part of the staff in Texas de Brazil as the corporate staff who includes managers and accountants among others. to maintain the high professional standards that Texas de Brazil has been known for, highly trained staff have to be hired and given in house training by the staff and administration of the company. One of the most valued requirements in all the employees is the experience of working in the same environment as Texas de Brazil.

Texas de Brazil Application Form Online

Plenty of career opportunities exist for those who want to work in this franchise. http://www.texasdebrazil.com/ has some of the details of the opportunities. Incase you want the employment application form; you can download it from the above link or go directly to the application form itself at http://www.texasdebrazil.com/pdf/ApplicationEmployment.pdf. Apply for the job of your dreams.

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