Texas Roadhouse

by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Texas Roadhouse Job Description

Texas Roadhouse is a western themed quick service restaurant chain that specializes in steaks. With headquarters n Louisville Kentucky, Texas Roadhouse is one of the fast growing companies in this industry. As of today, the company now operates more than 320 locations in forty six states and its continuing expansion led the company to look for more highly qualified individuals to fill in some of its vacant job positions.

Texas Roadhouse Job Positions and Duties

  • Texas Roadhouse Trainer/Bartender Job Description

The main job description of bartenders at Texas Roadhouse is to take and give out orders. Texas Roadhouse also have to balance their cash drawers, deal with a variety of customer service related issues, answer customer questions regarding the products, replace food, and other related tasks concerning the customer. The working condition is fast paced so bartenders are expected to be nimble while being careful to avoid bumping other people which can result in a serious accident. They are also expected to be real team players because it is what management is all about. When there are newly hired crew members, bartenders are also tasked to provide the initial training that will help new personnel cope with the rigors of the job assigned to them

Texas Roadhouse Trainer Bartender Hourly Salary: $6.22

  • Texas Roadhouse Cook Job Description

Being a cook at Texas Roadhouse requires no formal training but applicants must know the basics of cleaning and preparing the food areas, the utensils, and various cooking surfaces. Aside from cooking the food, cooks are also expected to properly package all the batches of food that they have prepared and present them according to the company’s standard food presentation. Cooks at Texas Roadhouse also need to ensure that they keep them warm until the food is sold. Extra responsibilities include maintaining sanitation and safety standards in the work area. As a cook, he or she is also expected to know how to operate large volume cooking equipment like grills, fryers, and/or griddles. They also need to verify that the prepared food meets the company’s standards, in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Texas Roadhouse Cook Hourly Salary: $10.00

  • Texas Roadhouse Key Manager Job Description

As a Key Manager, he or she will be in charge of running the entire store while on the shift. Key Managers also need to have excellent organizational and managerial skills because he or she will be responsible for managing ten to fifteen employees all at the same time, depending on how large the store is. The need to make sure that all employees are following the food safety procedures implemented by the company, not to mention doing some minor tasks like the filling out paperwork before the shift ends, doing inventory of all the supplies, evaluating cash drawers, and also making bank deposits.

Texas Roadhouse Key Manager Hourly Salary: $10.00

  • Texas Roadhouse Service Manager Job Description

Managerial jobs at Texas Roadhouse include responsibilities such as; counting inventory for all the supplies in the store, implementing food safety control, improving customer service and client relationships, hiring and training personnel. Service managers are also responsible for creating the daily reports, making daily deposits, and other related tasks. The working condition is fast paced and in a very customer – oriented environment, so store managers are expected to cope with all the pressures and stress. He or she must also have the aptitude to immediately solve a problem as soon as it arises and they must strictly implement the company’s safety procedure rigorously.

Texas Roadhouse Service Manager Salary: $36,000

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Texas Roadhouse include hourly opportunities such as baker and food server. They also have several corporate career opportunities for those who are looking for a profession in the corporate world. Restaurant business is a fast paced and highly competitive industry and it is expected that all applicants must possess at least the basic knowledge and skills about running a restaurant and how to perform excellent customer service.

Texas Roadhouse Job Application Form Online

To look for available job positions at Texas Roadhouse, visit http://texasroadhouse.standoutjobs.com/. This is one of the fastest growing and continuously expanding Dinner House Chains in the U.S. If you think you have the abilities as well as the qualifications, visit the following links and find out which among them you can qualify for.


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