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The Great Steak & Potato
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Established: 1982
Employees: 500
HQ: Dayton, Ohio
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The Great Steak & Potato Co. Job Description

This franchise has been through a lot of ups and downs but thankfully the majority of these have been the ups. This is the franchise credited with the invention and marketing of the cheese steak. Thanks to this invention, the franchise is what it is today with more than 200 stores. This store could not have made it to what it is today had it not been for the industrious employees working under it. The Great Steak & Potato Co has a culture of settling for nothing but the best and highly qualified employees. If you feel that you are one of these professionals, here are some of the jobs you need to be looking at.

The Great Steak & Potato Co Job Positions and Duties

  • The Great Steak & Potato Co Cashier Job Description

The cashier has to know all the food items being sold at The Great Steak & Potato Co so that she can compute and issue change as fast as possible. This professional has to greet customers and talk to them politely and ask of their concerns if there are any. The cashier has to give the right change and be very polite when answering their calls. The cashier has to have the “customer is always right” attitude and apply as much as possible all the PR skills learned.

The Great Steak & Potato Co cashier’s salary: $11 per hour

  • The Great Steak & Potato Co Cook Job Description

There are many cheese steaks in the Great Steak & Potato Co menu and the cook has to know how to prepare all of them. The preparation of all the fillings using the provided ingredients falls squarely on his shoulders. Everything has to come out well; otherwise his career may be at stake. The cook has to be conscious of costs and keeping to budget by using kitchen items economically. The cook will liaise with management to get fresh supplies of ingredients.

The Great Steak & Potato Co cook’s salary: $12 per hour

  • The Great Steak & Potato Co Shift Manager Job Description

The shift manager will maintain a good work environment for the employees and a relaxed atmosphere for the customers. This manager will answer to all the questions that the customers may have politely, not forgetting to keep the customer happy and satisfied. This manager appreciates the fact that not all the times will the establishment be able to please its customers so he will try as much as he can to remedy a situation. The shift manager makes sure there is nothing missing from the menu so as not to disappoint clients.

The Great Steak & Potato Co shift manager’s salary: $19.7 per hour

  • The Great Steak & Potato Co Store Manager Job Description

The store manager ensures all the store clerks meet all the daily expectations of a job. If for example they are all supposed to write down a report at the end of each working day, the store manager makes sure everything is going to schedule. This manager will assign his juniors specific duties to perform and will supervise their activities. He has to keep an inventory of all the items in stock so he knows when to order and from whom to make the order. The manager will then make the orders in bulk to benefit from discounts since he has to maintain the restaurant productive.

The Great Steak & Potato Co store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

This chain of restaurants needs staff who will work in sales and marketing, public relations, human resource management, and many other sectors and this calls for high qualifications among other things. A résumé is needed while accompanied by a cover letter, all submitted to the management of the Great Steak & Potato Co. One needs to demonstrate a lot of skills and ambition. One will have to specify which among the many franchises he is applying to and what position he wants to hold.

The Great Steak & Potato Co Job Application Form Online

You can look for jobs in the official the Great Steak & Potato Co website y locating a store and looking at which among them has a space for you. Here is the link to follow.

Once you are sure of which one you want, send your resume to

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