The Gymboree Corporation

by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

The Gymboree Corporation Job Description

The Gymboree Corporation is a department seller in service stores selling first-class clothes and accessories for kids. The company is under the Gymboree, Gymboree Outlet, Crazy 8 brands and Jack and Janie. The company also has amusement programs for kids under the Gymboree Play and Music brand. The Gymboree Corporation’s record states that the company started in 1970’s with the beginning of Gymboree Play & Music. Only during the year of 1986 that Gymboree pierce the clothing business with the aim of creating, producing and selling one of its kinds, first-class products for kids ranging from infants to nine years of age. The Gymboree Corporation can be found in Dixon, California and Canada.

Gymboree Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Store Managers

The primary core duty of a retail store manager is control the hiring, firing and keeping of personnel. These individuals are ones who make sure that the ideal applicants are hired to fill sales associate positions, accounting positions and other vital job titles. In addition to these tasks, the retail store manager must see to it that every employee is sufficiently qualified to work throughout their employment period.

The retail store manager is accountable for managing the turning in of cash and is necessary to guarantee that all the cash is accounted for. Particular records are required to be kept by the retail store manager. Make sure that sales associates and other store employees are compensated as they should be.

It is of the essence that the retail store manager test out the inventory on a regular basis and make definite that orders arrived on time. In addition to inventory and ordering of goods, the retail store manager also needs to pay for the ordered goods as well as tracking of how much is used up during ordering of goods.

The retail store manager is the superior character in the retail position that provides an ear to clients who wish to communicate either their satisfaction or discontentment regarding an aspect of the store.

Store Manager Salary: $40,000.00

  • Gymboree Assistant Managers

A large amount of responsibilities of an assistant manager is comparable to the managers’ responsibilities. The assistant manager must be able to counter the manager’s position when the manager isn’t around.

The assistant manager must solve customer’s problem first before it falls to the store manager. He should also be monitoring the work of the employees making sure that the employees are functioning to the best of their quality. In addition, the assistant manager must guarantee that the store maintains sanitary measures, well-stocked and organized.

There are also certain occasions, when the hiring and firing of human resources falls to the assistant manager. Therefore, the assistant manager has to know the areas where employees are deficient, and he needs to know where the store needs more recruits.

Assistant Store Manager Salary: $12.00 per hour

The Gymboree Corporation Job Application Form Online

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