The Home Depot, Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 11, 2011

The Home Depot, Inc. Job Description

The Home Depot, Inc. is a home improvement retailer. The Home Depot stores sell a variety of building supplies, home enhancement and lawn and garden products, and offer a number of services. During the economic year ended in 2009 the business had 2,233 The Home Depot branches to be found throughout the U.S. including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the area of the United States Virgin Islands and Guam, Mexico, China and Canada. On 2009, the Company publicizes the closing of its EXPO, THD Design Center and Yardbirds stores. It targets the do-it-yourself and professional markets with its selection including, flooring, lumber garden products plumbing supplies, paint tools, and appliances. Home Depot also offers installation services for cabinetry, carpeting, and other products.

The Home Depot, Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Store Manager

As part of the store administrative team at The Home Depot, you will have the chance to supervise a multimillion dollar business and lead a team of hundreds to drive sale and deliver first-rate customer service. But managing a The Home Depot store means more than just overseeing the staff you will take a dynamic role in the business, specialty sales, merchandising and employee’s relation. This means understanding the local market and creating a store that appeals to the market’s needs exceptional store appearance, in-stock and value merchandise, and great customer service.

Store Manager Salary $50,000

  • Sales Associate

Regulars at The Home Depot depend on Sales Associates to give fast, pleasant service by energetically seeking out customers to respond to their inquiry and assist them with their home enhancement plans. They have an emphasis on department and product knowledge, giving information on product specification and knowing related items to sell the entire project. If you enjoy giving superior customer service and sharing your information with others in a fast paced, team driven environment. Then you are qualified for this position.

Sales Associate Salary: $10 per hour

  • Cashier

A cashier provides exceptional and speedy checkout service to clientele at our registers. If you enjoy meeting new people and working with others then you can apply for this position at The Home Depot.

Cashiers Salary: $10 per hour

  • Freight Team Associates

Freight Team Associates normally work during the night, stocking of products onto shelves to remain in stock, organizing the sales floor to create an enjoyable and safe shopping environment, and giving customer service when requisite by customer demand.
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Freight Team Associates Salary: $12 per hour

  • General Warehouse Associate

The general warehouse associate is the support of the Home Depot Supply Chain team. You will carry out general material handling purpose, buyer order processing and shipping. You must be relaxed working in a warehouse environment and follow company safety rules, policies and procedures.

General Warehouse Associate Salary: $15 per hour

  • General Office Associate

The general office associate is in charge for all-purpose activities of warehouse, everyday movement, and preparation of products and other assignments as assigned. This position requires the knowledge to use computer systems/PCs and a familiarization with reports, systems, procedures, etc.

General Office Associate Salary: $15 per hour

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anonymous June 29, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Managers have no idea about home improvement. tell you that you need people skills. (they don’t have any based on treating their employes. (oh yeah their people also). 22 yrs. in my own business managing everything in construction. i guess in the hd i am over qualified. i am also into the stock market. this company is extremly disappointing. It is all about the mighty dollar, it’s about influencing the young employees making promises for advancement and taking for ever to give it to them. (I AM WRITING THIS BECAUSE I AM EMPLOYED THERE. I DON’T NEED THE MONEY. IT WAS MORE OF A JOB TO RELIEVE MY BORDOM HOME, AND TO HELP ALL THOSE CUSTOMERS WITH MY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. FINALLY I KNOW NOW I COULD BECOME A MANAGER BECAUSE YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MUCH. (I WOULDN’T WASTE MY TIME. FOR THE ASST. MANAGERS WHAT A JOKE. THESE POEPLE WOULD NEVER QUALIFY IN THE REAL WORLD. BASICLY THIS COMPANY IS AMERICA’S SLAVE LABOR BUSINESS. WHAT YOU SEE ON THE OUTSDE IS DEFINITLY WHAT IS NOT ON THE INSIDE. I DEFINITLY FEEL SORRY FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE STARTING IN HERE. SORRY I HAD TO WRITE THIS BUT IT IS TRUE. IF I KNEW WHAT I NO NOW I WOULDN’T TOOK THE JOB. NOW I WILL STAY A LITTLE LONGER TO OBSERVE AND KEEP MAKING REPORTS ON THIS COMPANY. I QUESS THE NEXT LEVEL IS CORPORATE. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR A COMMENT ON THIS.


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