The Infinity Resource Group

by Publishing Team on December 10, 2010

The Infinity Resource Group Job Description

The Infinity Resource Group is a leading agency in professional recruitment and consulting services headquartered in Nashville, TN. The company is divided into four divisions – Infinity Financial, Infinity Technology, Infinity Administrative and Infinity Healthcare; each specializes in providing industry solutions and specialized services through filtered employment of top competent in the field of Sales, Recruiting, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development, Tax, Accounting/Finance, and Healthcare

The Infinity Resource Group Duties and Responsibilities


The ideal candidate is responsible in database administration development and reporting services. The successful candidate will set up and maintain data warehouse; design and create database; review data pulls to verify the timely manner and implement new strategies for new data pulls; reverse and supply management with new data; create and optimize procedures, functions and views and generate news reports for management; work with other departments to coordinate information gathered from remote facilities. He/she must have excellent knowledge of MS SQL Server versions 2000, 2005 and 2008, SSMS, BIDS, SSRS, SQL DTS and SQL SSIS.



The Information Technology Recruiter will primarily source, screen and recruit most qualified candidates for IT professionals at local and national levels. The IT Recruiter will also develop and modify internal documents and procedures and recruit support to Partners in different areas, well as establishing an annual Internship Program, develop new and innovative marketing plans, and in other areas. He/she must have experience as an IT professional, Software Sales, Staffing Pro, or corporate recruiter.

Information Technology Recruiter: Salary $81,000.00


This position is responsible for assisting patients with financial aspects of their hospital service and collecting outstanding balances; follow ups claims from billing through final solution, review and prepare claims for manual or electric billing submission; identify billing errors for correction and resubmit claims to insurance carriers and follow up payment errors for correction and resubmit claims to insurance carriers; review Insurance EOB’s and initiate appeals as necessary. The candidate must at all time act cooperatively and responsibly with patients, visitors, co-workers, management and clients, maintain professional attitude and confidentiality.

Hospitall Billers/ Patients Accounts Representative: Salary $37,000.00


The customer Service Account Representative is responsible in handling patients’ account and assist patients inquiries regarding insurance programs. The candidate must be ready to handle high volume of calls and must handle disputes. He/she is also responsible for ensuring the company’s policies and procedure are met based on government program, law and regulations and ensure concerns with internal control design and process changes that impact internal control execution are communicated to management.

Customer Service Account Representative: Salary $56,000.00


The Internal Audit will audit, appraise and verify financial statements and records; plan, schedule and execute audits of field operations and corporate departments; determine that accepted policies and principles are followed; participate in project improvement teams, assist with business analyst and other management activities. The candidate must have an excellent knowledge on accounting practices and procedures and maintaining internal controls. This position will give the candidate the opportunity to further develop his financial, accounting, auditing experience that will lead to a higher learning.

Internal Audit: Salary $79,000.00

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