The Original HoneyBaked Ham Co. of Georgia

by Publishing Team on January 11, 2011

The Original HoneyBaked Ham Co. of Georgia Job Description

From the time of 1950’s, The HoneyBaked Ham Company has developed to almost 150 stores in 15 states. In addition to our retail stores, we have a rising Internet business, a fabulous catalog division, and a sales team that focuses in business gifting and business-to-business sales. The HoneyBaked Ham Company is a great place to work because of our complete company packaging such as top products, great employees, and solid prospective.

The Original HoneyBaked Ham Co. of Georgia Duties and Responsibilities

  • General Manager

The general manager takes direction from their top administrative. The general manager must first know the general plan for the company before he or she sets detailed goals for its own departments to fit in with the plan. The general manager might have to boost definite product lines and phase out others. The general manager must explain their objectives clearly to their support employees. The general manager manages the entire features of the store including procedures, local store advertising, customer service relationships, manufacture, record and financial performance. The general manager is as well in charge for inspiring and developing a winning, high-energy team. The general manager is frequently required to create hard verdicts about departmental activities. To build right conclusions, the general manager must be able to understand and evaluate a huge deal of information in a short time.

General Manager Salary: $80,000.00

  • Store Manager

The store manager assists the general manager in managing each and every aspects of the store, such as functions, local store advertising, customer service relationships, manufacture, record and financial statements. The store manager determines and provides optimal solutions to customer difficulties or complaints. The store manager makes sure that the internals and externals of store are preserved to company standards. The store manager uses manual labor management tools, including valuable scheduling to make the most of productivity, effectiveness and margins. The store manager must give confidence to store employees to receive ownership for their activities and career progress plans and do follow up on a usual basis. The store manager must provide brilliant customer service and ensure that the employees also provide the equivalent level of service. The store manager must be able to correspond, accomplish, and manage advertising and merchandising programs and carry out expected store meetings. The store manager must see to it that employees are conscious of security and emergency procedures and must sustain and make use of surveillance equipment. This position also runs store profits, including money management, deposit settlement and delivery of deposits to bank. The store manager makes certain that there is a sufficient store supply.

Store Manager Salary: $50,000.00

  • Purchasing/Quality Assurance

The purchasing/quality assurance specialist works as examiner, tester, sorter, sampler and measurer to guarantee that customers purchase products that are safe. The purchasing/quality assurance specialist more often than not is located in one workplace all day and may be standing and lifting weighty objects.

Purchasing/Quality Assurance Salary: $40,000.00

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