The Original Pancake House

by Publishing Team on November 10, 2010

The Original Pancake House Job Description

The Original Pancake House’s chain of restaurants is know for their specialty pancakes, unique omelettes, crepes, and most of all, their very efficient and courteous employees. The employees are encouraged to succeed in this industry so they can become candidates for promotion as determined by the corporation. The company is known for their vast number of independent workers and a majority of them started their careers serving the famous specialty pancakes. Most of the skills their employees acquired were from the Original Pancake House’s hands on approach of training.

The Original Pancake House Job Positions and Duties

  • The Original Pancake House Cook Job Description

The main job description of a cook at The Original Pancake House is to prepare the food for the customers. They will need to know everything on the menu and how to properly prepare each item. A cook will need to know how to clean and prepare the food areas, the utensils, and various cooking surfaces. There are extra responsibilities of maintaining sanitation and safety standards in the work area. As a cook, he or she is expected to know how to operate large volume cooking equipment like fryers and griddles. They will need to make sure the prepared food meets the company’s standards, in terms of quality as well as quantity. They will restock their areas when supplies are running low and will help to maintain the inventory in the storage areas.

The Original Pancake House Cook Hourly Salary: $9.81

  • The Original Pancake House Server Job Description

As a server the main job description is taking orders and serving the orders to the customers. They will also refill beverages, replace food if the customer asks, handle any customer complaints, collect money and count back change, give the orders to the cooks, restock supplies, maintain cleanliness is the restaurant at all times, know the complete menu and the daily specials so the information can be relayed to the customers accurately. The server will also help to clear the tables as the customers are finished with their meals. This is a fast paced environment so the server will need to be quick on their feet and aware of their surroundings at all times so no accidents take place.

The Original Pancake House Server Hourly Salary: $8.40

  • The Original Pancake House Dishwasher Job Description

A dishwasher’s main job description is washing the dishes as they are brought back to the kitchen. They will also make sure all the pots and pans are washed as the cooks are done with them. They will also restack the clean dishes so they are ready for the cooks and the servers to utilize. A dishwasher will also maintain and clean kitchen equipment, will keep the kitchen area clean at all times, rotate food supplies in the storage area, and will perform janitorial duties in the dining area. They will also comply with all regulations on the storage of food, preparation and cleaning.

The Original Pancake House Dishwasher Hourly Salary: $8.40

  • Some Other Job Positions

Other job positions at The Original Pancake House include being a host/hostess whose main job description is greeting and seating the customers. They will also maintain answering the phone and taking reservations from the customers. A host/hostess will thank each customer for coming when they are leaving and will keep the entryway clean of any debris.

The Original Pancake House Job Application Form Online

The Original Pancake House official website allows users to browse for the different restaurant locations. The website link provides a comprehensive database for easily locating any restaurant for applying with as long as all qualifications have been met for the position.

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