The Wet Seal Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 4, 2011

The Wet Seal Inc. Job Description

The company can be found in Foothill Ranch, California. The Wet Seal, Inc. is a primary subject vendor of up-to-the-minute and modern-day clothes and accessory stuffs. The company at present operates a full amount of five hundred three stores in forty seven states as well as four hundred twelve Wet Seal stores.

The Wet Seal Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Buyer

The Buyer of Shoes will inform the Vice President of DMM. This position is in charge for every number of the shoes together with lingerie. The Buyer of Shoes is liable for conceptualizing and increasing the products strategy, directing the accessories buying group, defining product collections, strategizing and carrying out selling plans to capitalize on sales, margins and revenue; Accountable for divisional regular merchandising strategies and prioritizing responsibilities to hold up Company strategies and boost incomes; verify Department and Divisional input concepts, input items, promotional plans and store ranges to make sure that the assortment is commercially feasible; commend the status of all styles based on past and present product performance, as well as marketplace data; grant Department pricing strategies; modify upcoming department tactics in-season where required and give apt and timely course in order to act in response to customer and business needs; and instruct and guide the buying team to take in goals.

Buyer Salary: $50,000.00

  • Loss Prevention Agent

The Loss Prevention Agent is accountable for auditing, analyzing, monitoring, and communicating observance and loyalty to Loss Prevention rule, process, and investigations connecting to the Distribution Center and Corporate Office security and contract control. This is a Full Time spot. The loss prevention agent must do every duty in agreement with The Wet Seal, Inc. rules and measures and all state and national rules and conventions; help out in keeping up the Physical Security of the Distribution Center and Corporate Office; put into effect all company rules and recognize and resolution inner loss issues; perform security check ups or physical security checks and converse issues with control; hold place definite security issues or investigations; help in the process of the facility Access Control System; help with execution of safety exercise programs, policies and procedures; guarantee the safety of products, physical safety and safety of contacts; guarantee CTPAT Program observance; and act upon additional duties as assigned.

Loss Prevention Agent Salary: $25,000.00

  • Regional Director

The Regional Director will be liable for running a geographic region take charge of just about twelve District Directors. The regional director educate, build up, inspire and encourage District Directors to attain store sales objectives, equipped fulfillment and human resources functions to guarantee Customer satisfaction, store utmost output and prosperity. The Regional Director acts as a contact among Field Directors and Corporate to converse reaction, information, greatest practices and business opportunities; supplies ideas that carry the attainment of corporate sales goals and incentives; gives instruction and improvement to District Directors to develop skill sets; and defends company possessions through enforcing Loss Prevention Policies and Procedures.

Regional Director Salary: $120,000.00

The Wet Seal Inc. Job Application Form Online

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