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Togo’s Job Description

Togo’s chain of restaurants is known for their fresh sandwiches, salads, salad wraps, and most of all, their highly efficient and friendly employees. The employees are encouraged to succeed in this industry so they can become candidates for promotion as determined by the corporation. Togo’s has a huge number of independent workers and a good percent of them started out serving the famous sandwiches. Most of the skills their employees acquired were from the hands on training that the restaurant does. This helps to improve each employee’s skills with all aspects of customer service.

Togo’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Togo’s Cashier Description

The main job description of a cashier at Togo’s is to take orders and serve the orders. Cashiers will have to help with making sure everything is clean, supplies are fully stocked, balance their cash drawers, be able to deal with a variety of customer service related issues, answer customer questions regarding the products, refill drinks, replace food, and other related tasks concerning the customer. The working condition is fast paced so cashiers are expected to be quick while being careful not to cause an accident. They are part of a team so are expected to work like a team at all times.

Togo’s Cashier Hourly Salary: $8.00

  • Togo’s Assistant Manager

An assistant manager at Togo’s is over a team and has many responsibilities. They will guide their team in the right direction, help with customer complaints and rectify them in a timely manner, delegate responsibilities among team members, make adjustments to the schedule and work load, make sure there is plenty of stock to make it through the shift, and make sure the restaurant is kept clean on the inside as well as the outside. The assistant manager will report to the manager and kept them informed of any situations that arise. They will also hire new employees and help with interviewing them. An assistant manager will help to increase sales, make sure everything is running smoothly, balance the daily books when the manager is away, and make bank deposits. They will sit examples for the team so they will follow any food and safety procedures, implemented by the company.

Togo’s Assistant Manager Hourly Salary: $10.00

  • Togo’s Brand Manager

A brand manager is responsible for developing the brand while making sure everything stays within the company guidelines. They help to make sure the right media mix is being put in place. They help to make the marketing plans for the sales, all designs for marketing, and editorial. The brand manager will do extensive market research in order to monitor the trends in the same industry as the restaurant. A brand manager is also required to do reports monthly and also at the end of each quarter for the management.

Togo’s Brand Manager Salary: $91,000

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Togo’s would include being a cook whose main job is preparing the food. They will have to make sure the food is cooked at just the precise temperature. A cook has to know everything on the menu and how it is prepared. They have to follow all food and safety procedures implemented by the company. They will make sure the area is clean at all times and will restock the supplies in between cooking.

Togo’s Job Application Form Online

Togo’s official website allows users to browse for different store locations so they can submit their application for the job positions. The website link provides a comprehensive database for every available store.

At applicants can easily learn more about the company and the different positions that they want to apply for.

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