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by Publishing Team on January 4, 2011

Tool King LLC Job Description

Tool King LLC started in 1978 in Denver, Colorado. The company is dedicated to shipping the finest collection of products and services at the lowest promising prices to their valued customers. Internationally famous as a tool store, is a favorite and most preferred among Internet shoppers. The brick and mortar Tool King store is employed with on the ball employees who are woodworkers, craftsmen and service providers themselves. The employees bid their knowledge to the consumer to help them make an educated choice on their tool purchase.

Tool King LLC Duties and Responsibilities

  • Channel Manager

Channel manager manages online sales channels & marketplaces. He or she analyzes and optimizes the company’s participation on these channels. Channel manager means increasing and sustaining new sales channels, establishing, contacting and keeping a good operational partnership with resellers, operating directly with internal departments and leading the growth of channel programs. Channel manager has to execute in improving customer consumption, preparing and distributing customer presentations, smoothing the growth of the entire connections with resellers, supervising report profiles, supervising opponent movement, creating plans for escalating market share and communicating channel activities. Channel managers must be extremely motivated, acquire management skills and has the ability to throw in to the company’s progress.

Channel Manager Salary: $65,000.00-$130,000.00

  • Logistics Manager

Logistics manager analyzes and optimizes order, delivery & package run. Logistics manager uses his or her managerial expertise to make sure that the company has sufficient product and service to the customers. Logistics manager is frequently found working in retail settings, industrial settings and production and distribution. Logistics manager uses computer programs and further tools to check the levels of different stock. When inventory gets insufficient, the logistics manager will put orders with the proper retailers or storehouses to boost stock to the required level. The logistics manager uses computer tracking systems to track the movement of the arriving delivery. The logistics manager works in a huge facility, he or she may work with other personnel who are drawn in the ordering and tracking process to be sure that orders are not doubled or disregarded. He or she will work with group involved in the buying process, storehouse personnel who move goods in and out of the storehouse as well as external suppliers and sellers who drive goods into the storehouse.

Logistics Manager Salary: $45,000.00-$80,000.00

  • Online Marketing Assistant Manager

Online marketing assistant manager helps with expansion and operation of diverse online marketing programs. Online marketing assistant manager may be called upon to organize interviews, write press releases and supervise exposure of the product in the media. Online marketing assistant manager may set the price for a product, design promotions to amplify sales and perform research on consumers. Some marketing assistant managers direct marketing representatives and other entry-level employees.

Online Marketing Assistant Manager Salary: $30,000.00-$60,000.00

Benefits at Tool King LLC comprises of health, dental, vision, 401k and vacation.

Tool King LLC Job Application Form Online

Visit to apply electronically. Other job opportunities are also available on that web address.

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