by Publishing Team on January 12, 2011 LLC Job Description LLC was founded in 2002 and is one of the leading ecommerce companies focused on the Construction and Automotive tool and Supply Industry. Our creators have arrived from an industrial setting that reaches back to more than 75 years of knowledge and practice. Toolfetch has affiliations with over 200 producers and stands for over 20,000 products from top names.

Toolfetch is at all times in search for brilliant, extremely motivated, career oriented individuals to join our company. LLC Duties and Responsibilities

  • Customer Service Representative

The Customer Service Representative will counter arriving phone calls from customers and taking orders; speaking with sellers concerning the status of orders, tracking numbers etc; taking care of all delivery occurrences such as damages and claims; faxing, emailing and phone orders into our sellers; acting in response to customer emails and telephone questions; in charge for information sheet emails sent to our customer base; transporting global orders through USPS; must have high-quality computer skills; must have skills with MS Office applications; must have high energy level and keenness; must acquire good quality phone skills and customer service approach; and must be highly structured and have the ability to multi-task with a College degree or equivalent experience.

Customer Service Representative Salary: $30,000.00

  • Data entry

The Data Entry will be assigned to enter the product information through an online management tool; proofreading and editing necessary to ensure quality control; editing and image processing of products for release; data Entry experience preferably with knowledge of spreadsheets Calculation Excel; has strong ability to solve problem and strong attention to detail; has demonstrated work ethics and reliability; ability to multi-task skills; ability to work in a fast paced environment; intermediate MS Excel and Adobe Photoshop; perform additional duties as required; and must have College degree or equivalent experience.

Data Entry Salary: $ 20,000.00

  • Email Marketing Person

The Email Marketing Person Is in constant contact with the design of new models and mailing; works closely with our management team to undertake the specific specialty, coupons and special offers; responsible for the design of new images in Photoshop and Illustrator; managing database and e-mail lists of our customer base; monitoring and analysis point to low, the rates of initiation, and other relations campaigns; maintain marketing communications production program to ensure accurate and timely delivery; maintain awareness of email marketing trends and technologies and make recommendations on tactical optimization and email best practices; supports the creation, development, testing and implementation of all marketing emails; must have a portfolio of previous work experience; acquires Design skills (Photoshop and Illustrator a must); must have experience with constant contact email software; must possess high energy level and passion; must be highly organized and resourceful; ability to multi-task; and must have College degree or equivalent experience.

Email Marketing People Salary: $ 40,000.00 LLC Job Application Form Online

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